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Friday, November 28, 2014

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Select TCS Tick Control System Registered in 24 States

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The tick boxes treat the primary hosts of the disease — chipmunks and white footed mice — with a small dose of fipronil.

| September 5, 2013

NORWALK, Conn. —  Tick Box Technology Corporation announced that the company's Select TCS Tick Control System, a product developed to control ticks and reduce the risk of Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections, is now registered in 24 states.

The tick boxes treat the primary hosts of the disease — chipmunks and white footed mice — with a small dose of fipronil. The ticks are killed during the critical larval and nymph stages when they contract the Lyme bacteria and other tick-borne diseases from small rodents. The child-resistant product, which interrupts the transmission cycle of Lyme disease, is EPA approved and will not harm rodents and wildlife, according to the manufacturer.

The Select TCS bait box technology was developed, tested and evaluated by by scientists and researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in collaboration with its manufacturer.

Select TCS Tick Control System is currently registered in the following 24 states. Vermont, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina, Wisconsin, District of Columbia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Virginia, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Delaware, Tennessee, Arizona, New York, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, New jersey, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. Additional states to register within the coming months.

The Select TCS Tick Control System is available to the PCO directly from Tick Box Technology Corporation, 1 Testa Place Norwalk, Ct 06854.

For more information visit, call David Whitman at 203-852-7171 or email

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