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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

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Service Technician's Training Program

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By: Dr. William H Robinson

List Price: $59.95 

The Service Technician's Training Program includes an instructor's DVD and a copy of The Service Technician's Field Manual Companion Study Guide. Together these resources are the basis of a 20-session service technician training program based upon PCT's The Service Technician's Field Manual.

The Instructor's DVD includes PowerPoint presentations that an instructor can use in the classroom to present the material, a test bank of quizzes, and a spreadsheet to keep track of students' quiz grades.The Companion Study Guide is a workbook for students and contains the key points of each chapter of The Service Technician's Field Manual. 

***Each technician and instructor should each havea copy of The Service Technician's Field Manual and the Companion Study Guide.

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