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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

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Technicide — Booth #606


Technicide, Inc. October 8, 2013

What if 8 emergency room doctors had to share one stethoscope? How effective would a police department be if they only had one firearm to share with 12 officers?  What if you found a spark plug that saved you thousands of dollars a year in fuel cost.  Would you only put them in only one of your trucks?  What if you had an applicator that allowed your technician to reduce labor time by 75% and chemical cost by 90%. Would you want this savings with all your technicians?  Brad Heath purchased an Exacticide because an industry consultant recommended it. Brad said, “I had sticker shock at first, but the manufacturer promised a refund if I wasn’t happy. I am proud to say Exacticide paid for itself in one job, by reducing a 4.5hr job to 45mins. In fact, because of the Exacticide it was the most thorough job of my 36 year career.” Visit Technicide at Booth #606