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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

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The Service Technician's Field Manual Training Set

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The Service Technician’s Training Program



By Dr. William H Robinson



Price $49.95 per Training Set



2 to 5 Training Sets: $39.95 ea.



6 to 10 Training Sets $29.95 ea. 

Contact us direct for pricing for larger orders        







This is an unequalled resource for cost effective in-house training of new service technician hires, as well as a vital resource for providing ongoing review training for seasoned service professionals.






This comprehensive Training Program by Dr. William Robinson (comes with a 100% money back guarantee of satisfaction) includes a 218 page, fully-illustrated, Service Technician’s Field Manual detailing essential situation-specific pest management practices, including helpful insights about dozens of common and not-so-common structural pests, as well as a 91 page Companion Study Guide which contains a brief overview of topic key points, and “10 Things to Know” with space for note-taking and review designed to reinforce the key information in the Field Manual.  






Both the Field Manual and Companion Study Guide enable each employee to follow along and take notes in the study guide, and then retain the manual and guide as a permanent reference resource.






Program topics are presented in 20 Chapters for managers to conduct 20 individual classroom training sessions to pace and measure individual learning.  









1)     The Next Generation Service Technician



2)     IPM: Detection and Monitoring



3)     Non-Chemical Control Methods



4)     Chemical Insecticides



5)     Insecticide Formulations



6)     Application Technology



7)     Transfer of a Toxic Dose



8)     Application Economics



9)     Structural Wood & Urban Soil



10) Exterior & Interior Features



11) Termite Control



12) Wood-Infesting Insect Control



13) Structural Fumigation



14) Indoor Insecticide Application



15) Outdoor Insecticide Application



16) Rodent Control



17) Insecticide Application Equipment



18) Equipment Repair and Maintenance



19) Pesticide Application Safety



20) Measures and Calculations






The program also includes an Instructor’s DVD, which contains PowerPoint presentations for classroom training, a test bank of quizzes, and a spreadsheet on which to keep track of students’ quiz grades for training verification purposes.





For additional information or to order by phone, contact our Courtney Vance in our Book Department. 1-800-456-0707 or go to


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