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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

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October 7, 2010

ThermaPureHeat, the world's leading chemcial-free technology for eradicating WDOs and other insect pests introduces the first completely green single-treatment strategy for combatting bedbugs. ThermaPureHeat kills bed bugs and their eggs while reducing levels of dust mite allergens, killing germs and pasteurizing buildings and their contents... all in only one treatment. ThermaPureHeat increases your profits by utilizing a proprietary 32-pound electric heater that allows for discreet and effective treatments with a minimum of setup and teardown time. ThermaPureHeat delivers substantially more value to your clients at a minimal added cost to you. Providing more value creates a more profitable business. ThermaPureHeat has been featured on NightLine, the Discovery Channel and in magazine and newspaper articles. The increasing brand recognition drives people to the ThermaPure website, which generates leads for licensees. For more information visit