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Saturday, July 04, 2015

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rmastor — Booth #406


October 7, 2010

Santa Fe Products will introduce the Santa Fe Crawlspace Alert at booth #406. The alert is designed with the PMP in mind. It continuously monitors a variety of conditions in the crawlspace, which is critical to maintaining and preserving  a customer’s home. If the Crawlspace Alert detects high humidity levels that encourage mold, mildew or fungal growth, the orange warning lamp will light signaling the homeowner to contact their PMP. If a power surge or failure occurs, resetting their Santa Fe equipment will not be necessary.  Their Santa Fe dehumidifier, the condensate pump and the Crawlspace Alert will immediately resume operating at their previous settings as soon as power is restored. In the event that the condensate pump switch is tripped for any reason, the Crawlspace Alert will automatically turn the dehumidifier off in order to prevent water from overflowing into their crawlspace. The Santa Fe Crawlspace Alert mounts to a floor joist near your customers’ Santa Fe dehumidifier.