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Sunday, July 05, 2015

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VM Products — Booth #s 240, 242


VM Products October 8, 2013

The EZ-Secured Rodent Bait Station is proven, simple, and EZ. It eliminates the costs associated with securing bait stations, such as glue, screws, and fuel and saves time and labor related to attaching stations. Its features include: no unnecessary voids that can harbor debris and moisture, two metal horizontal rods to hold bait, two plastic and tapered rods that hold bait and stay securely in place, sequential bar code, service label, smooth surface for easy cleaning, and it fits most snap traps on the market (including the Catchmaster #621P). It now comes with a new gray key and newly developed spring-loaded locking mechanism for easy opening. The new gray key can be used on all VMTM stations. The EZ-Secured comes in black, green, and white.