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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

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Woodstream — Booth #601


Woodstream Corporation October 8, 2013

Woodstream has introduced new Victor Moleworms (item# M6009PCO), which quickly eliminates mole problems, the firm says. Victor Moleworms are ready to use and look and feel just like real earthworms, a mole’s natural and preferred food source, according to manufacturer Woodstream. Moleworms are uniquely formulated to be highly attractive to moles and contain the active ingredient bromethalin. Simply identify the active mole tunnels and treat them by placing Moleworms in the tunnel for the mole to consume and die. Victor Moleworms come packaged in 25 Moleworm packaging. Also included are 10 active tunnel locator flags and three protective gloves. Learn more at Woodstream’s booth #601.

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