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April 1, 2008

The theme for this year’s National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) Annual Conference is "The Wonderful World of Information Destruction: Creatively Changing Challenges to Opportunities." As information destruction professionals congregate in Anaheim, Calif., April 2-4, they will have the occasion to discuss the challenges the industry faces as a whole as well as those issues that affect their individual operations, sharing the ideas and strategies that have worked for them throughout the years.

U.S.-based information destruction professionals must contend with the pressures of a virtually stagnant U.S. economy, which may have some of their clients questioning their need for information destruction services. There also is the trend of escalating fuel costs to deal with, as the price of oil flirted briefly in early March with the price of $105 per barrel. In an industry that relies on fleets of vehicles, even modest increases in fuel costs can have a startling effect on the bottom line.

Information destruction professionals also have to contend with challenges such as differentiating themselves from the competition, hiring effective staff, responding to pressures from competitors to add services and how best to handle clients’ requests for hard drive destruction or sanitization services.

As the trade association for the information destruction industry, NAID is offering a number of panels at its 2008 Annual Conference to help attendees wade through these challenges toward the solutions that will work best for their businesses.

Additionally, as suppliers to the industry, vendors also have a role in helping information destruction professionals meet the daily challenges they encounter in the course of running their businesses. For instance, shredding equipment providers are introducing smaller trucks that offer increased fuel economy as well as trucks that run on biodiesel and that feature shredders that can be run on electrical power. Other vendors offer courses that can help burgeoning information destruction professionals plan their growth strategies and address the challenges they encounter in day-to-day business, while others offer software solutions that can help to streamline a company’s accounting and routing functions and increase operational efficiencies.

Secure Destruction Business magazine also has a role to play in helping information destruction companies turn the challenges they encounter into opportunities. To do our jobs most effectively, we rely on input from our readers. That’s why I invite you to stop by Booth 613 at the NAID 2008 Annual Conference to discuss the challenges you encounter daily and the information you feel you need to make running your business a bit easier. We rely on your input and look forward to discussing the opportunities and challenges that exist for information destruction professionals.