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August 16, 2001


The Steel Recycling Institute, Pittsburgh, has developed an educational program called Steel Cycles, scheduled for 17 cities across the United States this year. The program offers two different full-day workshops for educators and solid waste managers – one on the Cycles For Science high school program; and one on ways to incorporate the Nature’s For Me early childhood program into a cross-age teaching project.

"We have made a commitment to develop quality educational supplements which provide real-world science and nature experiences for young children and young adults," says Mary Norton, vice president of public and educational relations for SRI. "The workshop series is designed to introduce both teachers and solid waste managers to new ideas and techniques for implementing these programs in their classroom or educational programs."


The Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers, Washington, D.C., now has a Internet web site address. The web site provides a wide range of information and services relating to expanded polystyrene packaging products and corresponding recycling efforts. According to AFPR officials, the web site serves to further the alliance’s commitment to educate the public about the purpose and importance of foam packaging as well as the accessibility of recycling locations and the impact of recycling efforts. AFPR’s Internet address is .


For the last two years, the National Tire Dealers And Retreaders Association, Washington, and the International Tire And Rubber Association, Louisville, Ky. (formerly the American Retreaders Association) have been discussing the possibility of a joint trade show. Sources say exhibitors don’t like having two separate shows each year, and that attendance for both shows has been dropping, too.

Now talks between the two associations are heating up and it appears that the two shows could merge as early as 1998. It is unsure whether the tire recycling program of the ITRA show, which is reportedly the largest gathering of tire recycling exhibits in the world, would continue to stay with the new, combined exhibition. "We will have to wait and see what happens in the next year," says one tire recycling exhibitor during the recent ITRA convention. "We certainly do not want to be overshadowed in a larger program."

Other attendees of this year’s ITRA convention brought up the possibility of spinning off the tire recycling program from the new show and creating a separate tire recycling trade exhibition, or combining it with another recycling convention.