Making the Rounds with Dr. Mitch Amish

Making the Rounds with Dr. Mitch Amish

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Dr. Mitch Amish Discusses Gadget that Aids in the Healing of Wounds

November 26, 2007

I've got to tell you, I am such a gadget guy. Recently, I have discovered a very cool, life-saving gadget. SilhouetteMobile is based on technology from the movies; it doesn't get much cooler than that. Although this gadget looks more like Dr. Beverly Crusher's Tricorder from StarTrek, it's actually based on Academy Award winning technology from The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

A New Zealand film workshop developed a device that used both motion capture and lasers to get an exact digital image of a body's movements and density. From there the SilhouetteMobile was born.

And, in the real world, this technology delivers very important applications. SilhouetteMobile is a portable device that easily allows your nurse or doctor to capture information about your wound at the bedside. This information is analyzed, managed, and stored in a database in the device. This information includes photographic images, quantitative measures, and other wound assessment data. The SilhouetteMobile provides all of this information to your doctor without making contact with you, the patient.

SilhouetteMobile then builds your information into an electronic patient record for printing, electronic distribution, and archiving. Information about your wound's measurement history is available on this system so that the progression of its healing can be calculated and presented. And, to lend an extra helping hand to your busy clinician, most of this process is automated.

Let me explain, a little more technically, how SilhouetteMobile does its job. ARANZ Medical's SmartCalibration technology, within SilhouetteMobile, relies on SilhouetteCamera, a highresolution digital camera with specially devised embedded lighting. SilhouetteCamera is attached to a standard mobile computing device (a PDA), running custom software to create a tool that accelerates wound measurement, analysis and documentation.

With all of that said, Silhouette-Mobile is so easy to use. Your doctor or nurse has just three simple steps to follow: select you, the patient, from the database (or enter your information in if you are new); snap two images of your wound (one for area and one for depth) with SilhouetteCamera; and draw around your wound outline using a stylus on your wound image, which shows up on the PDA screen.

I think it's safe to say whether you are into gadgets or not, the Silhouette-Mobile is very cool.