Dublin, Ga.-Based Allgood Pest Solutions Changes Name to Cingo

Dublin, Ga.-Based Allgood Pest Solutions Changes Name to Cingo

The name change helps eliminate market confusion. Since 1993, there had been two separate organizations operating in Georgia under the Allgood name.

February 16, 2017
DUBLIN, Ga. — Allgood Services, Inc., based in Dublin, Ga., has a new name: Cingo.

The company has done business as Allgood Pest Solutions for 40 years. Only the name is changing — the experience built during those years, the commitment to customers and the leadership team led by CEO Lanny Allgood remain the same. 

“We have a new name, a new look, and the same company leadership that steered 40 years of success,” said Allgood, Cingo’s CEO and sole shareholder. “We are active participants in the communities we serve, and that won’t change.”

The name change is a natural step in the growth of the business, founded by Lanny Allgood’s father Jimmy Allgood in 1974. Since 1993, it has been one of two companies operating in Georgia under the Allgood name. While family connections link the two companies, they have always operated as separate organizations. That’s confusing, especially now that the Duluth-based company is owned by Rentokil Initial, based in Camberley, United Kingdom. 

Cingo will initially operate in Allgood’s existing markets in middle and south Georgia, Augusta, Savannah and Charleston, S.C.

Why the name Cingo? It’s a word that means to surround and secure, and that represents the foundation of the company’s commitment to protect families from every single pest. It also represents new opportunity for the company and team members.

“With Cingo, we‘ve given our team their own company name,” said Allgood, who has led the company for the past 10 years. “There is exciting opportunity ahead for us all.”