Time Was Right to Sell, said Chuck Tindol

Time Was Right to Sell, said Chuck Tindol

Allgood Pest Solutions has six equal owners and selling to Rentokil was the best solution to succession challenges inherent with this type of ownership structure, said Chuck Tindol, senior vice president of marketing and sales of the Duluth, Ga-.based firm.

February 13, 2017
Brad Harbison
Mergers & Acquisitions

Editor’s note: Last week, Rentokil announced the acquisition of Allgood Pest Solutions, Duluth, Ga. This acquisition marks a significant expansion for Rentokil Steritech in the southeast United States. (Note: Not included in the deal was the purchase of Allgood Services, Inc., which is based in Dublin, Ga., and also operates under the Allgood Pest Solutions brand, outside of the Atlanta market.) PCT caught up with Chuck Tindol, senior vice president of marketing and sales of the Duluth, Ga-.based firm, to learn more about the deal and also his future as president of the National Pest Management Association.  

Allgood Pest Solutions, based in Duluth, Ga., has become a respected name in pest control throughout Georgia and Tennessee the last 25 years. Allgood Pest Solutions started from scratch in 1991 and has grown to become a $27 million company under the leadership of Chuck Tindol and his brother Mike, and their cousin, Perry Tindol. In addition to Perry, Mike and Chuck Tindol, ownership consists of their cousin, Jimmy Allgood, Chuck and Mike’s dad, Bubba Tindol, and Mike Tindol (their uncle).

Chuck Tindol, senior vice president of marketing and sales, Allgood Pest Solutions, said for the last 10 years the six equal owners have been working on succession planning. “It became apparent that it was going to be difficult for some of us to retire without financially handicapping the remaining ownership.”
Last year, the six owners met with financial advisor and M & A expert Lance Tullius, and began to more seriously explore options.

When John Myers, president and CEO, Rentokil Steritech, visited Allgood last year, Chuck Tindol said he felt there were great similarities between company cultures. Those sentiments were confirmed, Tindol said, following the sale. “When we do an acquisition, for example, I would go into that office and spend 2 to 3 weeks welcoming people to the family and assuring them that things are not going to only be okay, but better. There is going to be more opportunities, better benefits and more personal skills training. And that’s exactly what John and his team have done for our partners at Allgood.”

The acquisition of Allgood helps Rentokil fill several voids. Rentokil currently does not have residential business in Atlanta and the Southeast, for that matter; Rentokil does have commercial accounts in Atlanta, and this business should fit nicely with the commercial operations at Allgood.

Chuck, Mike and Perry Tindol are all staying on board post-acquisition in their current roles. Chuck Tindol is currently president of the National Pest Management Association, and he said he is committed to serving out his term. “We had a conference call with the NPMA Board of Directors the day after the sale, and I explained that we sold our operations to Rentokil, but that I am staying on board full time, and that John (Myers) has given me the opportunity to be the best NPMA president I can be — he wants and supports that. My commitment to the industry hasn’t changed at all. We still have a lot of things we want to do in the next five to six months.”

Tindol is mindful that he was elected president of NPMA as an owner of a large, regional business and he now is part of a large, national company. “I’ve been a part of Waste Management, and I’ve been a part of my dad’s company (Tindol Services) and then we started from scratch, so I am a big advocate of small operators — which are most of our members,” Tindol said. “I’m really excited about the Executive Leadership Program, which is something we just launched.” 

The Executive Leadership Program is an NPMA initiative in which ten industry professionals from across the country are receiving skills development and training — including paid trips to NPMA Legislative Day and NPMA PestWorld — for association leadership.

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