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A listing of bat-related websites and a directory of bat experts and resources.

September 24, 2013

Included in this month’s issue is a series of bat articles (page 32) from PCT as well as information from, the website for Bat Conservation International. The main article includes observations from two experts – Dr. Brock Fenton of the University of Western Ontario and Bat Conservation International Outreach Associate Dianne Odegard. Below is a listing of bat-related websites and a directory of bat experts and resources.


Bat Conservation International

Exclusion tips -


Exclusion devices -


Pest Control Canada: Bats






Dr. Brock Fenton                                


Behaviour and Ecology of Bats

University of Western Ontario


Fax: 519 661-3935



Dianne Odegard                               

Outreach Associate

Bat Conservation International




Photo library:  Meera Banta –


Bat Conservation International




U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Jan 17 2012 North American bat death toll exceeds 5.5 million from white-nose syndrome


BC Ministry of Environment

There are 16 species of bats in the province and all are protected from being killed and harassed under the provincial Wildlife Act.




US Fish and Wildlife -





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