Batzner Adds Four More Associate Certified Entomologists

Batzner Adds Four More Associate Certified Entomologists

Jason Ganas, Brad Fischer, Dan Stawicki, and Greg McMillon recently joined Batzner’s existing ACE team.

May 26, 2017

NEW BERLIN, Wis. — Batzner Pest Control announced they have added four more Associate Certified Entomologists (ACEs) to its staff. Jason Ganas, Brad Fischer, Dan Stawicki, and Greg McMillon have recently joined Batzner’s existing ACE team.

Endorsed by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), ACE is one of the most trusted and respected titles that one can achieve in pest management, with requirements that are stringent, including passing a rigorous exam and having a minimum of five years of pest control experience. Jerry Batzner, CEO and president, said, "Our emphasis on continued training and education provides for staff advancement and allows us to provide more advanced and professional service."

Choosing a contractor can be challenging for a customer. ACEs give Batzner the expertise to solve difficult cases in the field, and ensure proper regard for the safety, health, and welfare of the public and environment when practicing pest control protocols. Batzner District Service Manager, Brad Fischer, explained, “Having ACEs on the team holds the company to a higher standard of professionalism and expertise in the industry, and gives clients added confidence.” 

The opportunity to achieve ACE certification is one of several opportunities Batzner offers its staff to continue their education and expand their knowledge on pest identification and inspection. Service Manager Jason Ganas stated, “It feels good to be part of a community of industry professionals where we use our field experience to help grow our education.”

Many Batzner employees have also continued their training and education with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection’s Master Tech program. Managed through UW-Madison, this certification requires three years of industry experience and the passing of an entirely experience based test, proving them to be experts in the field. The most recent Batzner team members to earn Master Tech recognition are Mike Chapel, Skie Gierach, Ashley Schroeder, Nick Schanz, and Sandy Ehlers.

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