BedBugTV Releases Three New Videos

BedBugTV Releases Three New Videos

Topics covered include encasements; how to inspect nightstands for bed bugs; and how to inspect a chair for bed bugs.

March 8, 2017
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LAWRENCEVILLE, N.J. —  BedBugTV, hosted by BedBug Central’s Director of Innovation and Technical Content Jeff White, has released three new videos highlighting mattress encasements as well as how to inspect nightstands and chairs for bed bugs.

BedBugTV, which launched in 2008, is an online video series featuring hot-topics and viewer submitted questions on bed bugs. Since its launch, BedBugTV has had over three million views ranging from topics on bed bug basics to bed bug treatments and even DIY bed bug traps.

In the recently released episode “Building Mattress Encasements into Your Services,” White tackles the issue of mattress and box spring encasements being built into bed bug services.

Mattress and box spring encasements have been seen by many bed bug experts as a game-changing tool in the battle against bed bugs. However, many pest control companies are still not utilizing these beneficial tools in their protocols.

“When I travel across the country talking about different products that you can use on bed bug services and which ones make a difference, I talk a lot about encasements,” White said, “because I think that encasements can have a huge impact on both efficacy and efficiency when incorporated into a bed bug protocol.”

White explained that box springs are one of the most common places that bed bugs hide, which are also very complicated and difficult to treat.

“You can take an encasement and install it on a box spring and enclose all the bugs inside as well as locking new bugs out,” White said. “You can also use them to salvage infested bedding and protect new bedding.”

White continued to say, “Encasements have a lot of ancillary benefits, but the most important is the simple fact that they lock bugs in and you don’t need to go through the hassle of wasting time retreating the box springs on your follow-up services.”

White further explained in the episode how you can build the price of the encasements into your services and still come out with a profit.

“Stop looking at the cost of the encasements and saying it adds $100 to your service,” he said. “When you install an encasement on the box spring, you can save about 10 to 15 minutes per box spring by not having to treat them.”

White warns against giving clients the option to purchase the encasements rather than building them into your services.

“Do not give your clients the option to purchase the encasements and install them on their beds,” he said. “If you give them the option, the resident probably won’t purchase the encasements because they don’t understand the value encasements provide and the time it saves you from a treatment perspective.”

White explained that when you build encasements, or any other product, into your services, you need to look at the time it saves you in addition to how much it’ll cost.

“When you build any product into your services, you want to think about not just the cost but the time it saves you, which can offset the cost of the product,” White stated. “This is how you want to evaluate any type of product that you’re considering building into your services.”

In addition to the encasement BedBugTV episode, White shows viewers how to inspect nightstands for bed bugs and how to inspect a chair for bed bugs.

For more BedBugTV episodes, visit BedBug Central’s website or BedBugTV’s YouTube channel.

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