Colorado Tri-Flo Enters International Market

Colorado Tri-Flo Enters International Market

The company's bed bug heating solutions are now available overseas.

April 5, 2018
Edited by the PCT Staff

LONGMONT, Colo. — Colorado Tri-Flo has entered the international market with the release of the ER1800-I, a 230-volt 50hz 1800-watt bed bug heater that bears the CE Mark. The ER1800-I forms the basis for the Tri-Flo 120-I bed bug heat solution, which easily kills bed bugs in rooms around 11.1 square meters. The initial product release comes with a Type G plug, commonly used in the UK, Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore, and elsewhere. Other plug configurations will be introduced based on customer need.

“The Tri-Flo 120-I provides bed bug solutions to our international customers running 230 volts while only drawing 8 amps. This solution is ideal for the type of room sizes found internationally. Don’t let the size of the ER1800-I heater fool you. Each heater only weighs 7.3 kg and puts out 6,150 BTU’s. Two of these heaters easily raise the temperature in a room to over 50°C, sufficient to kill bed bugs,” said Ron Elsis, VP Operations Colorado Tri-Flo Systems, LLC.

Tri-Flo solutions are are ETL Listed and bear the CE Mark. The patented design generates forced airflow to accomplish the necessary heating for killing bed bugs.

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