Robert DiJoseph Announced as Incoming President of BedBug Central

Robert DiJoseph Announced as Incoming President of BedBug Central

Phillip Cooper steps down as CEO due to acquisition of Cooper Pest Solutions.

May 17, 2018

Lawrenceville, N.J. — With the recent acquisition by Terminix of BedBug Central’s former parent company (N.J.-based Cooper Pest Solutions), BedBug Central has announced a change at the top of its organization. Long-time Vice President of Sales Robert DiJoseph will be taking over as president.

The acquisition of Cooper Pest does not include the N.J.-based BedBug Central, which will continue to operate financially and strategically as a separate and distinct entity, focusing on education under the BedBug University brand and distribution of bed bug monitoring and interception devices under its SenSci brand.

“Due to my new responsibilities with Terminix, I will be stepping down as CEO and president of BedBug Central,” said former CEO Phillip Cooper. “It’s been almost a 10-year labor of love, but I leave knowing the company is in capable hands.”

DiJoseph, along with Director of Innovation and Technical Content Jeff White, will continue to handle BedBug Central’s day-to-day operations.

“I’m thrilled for Phil as he embraces his new challenges with Terminix, and I’m truly excited for this opportunity to guide the company, along with Jeff, that I helped to develop back in 2009,” said DiJoseph.

White also said he is looking forward to BedBug Central’s future.

“BedBug Central is excited to begin exploring opportunities beyond bed bugs, including new product innovation and development for both bed bugs and other pests,” White said.

BedBug Central, based in Hamilton, N.J., offers education under the BedBug University brand, as well as product innovation, development and distribution under its SenSci brand.