E-learning Benefits by the Numbers

Statistics that make a dramatic and compelling case for incorporating e-learning into your business.

January 5, 2018
Edited by the PCT Staff
Impact of Online Tools on PMPs, Sponsored by Univar

E-learning statistics are dramatic and compelling, which is why companies shouldn’t consider using e-learning to train their workforce, they should already be doing it! According to a series of surveys from elearning.company, here are just some of the benefits of e-learning:

• Competitive edge. Nearly 3 in 4 organizations believe e-learning helps gives them a competitive edge; it’s an opportunity to keep up with industry changes. 

• $$$. Revenue generated per employee is 26 percent higher for companies that offer training using technology, including e-learning.

• Superior ROI. One dollar invested in online training can lead to $30 in productivity; more than 40 percent of companies surveyed increased revenue as a result of e-learning.

• Saves time. It typically takes 40–60 percent less employee time than learning the same material in a traditional classroom setting.

• Learn and retain more. About five times more material is learned and increases retention rates dramatically compared to face-to-face learning.

Source: elearning.company surveys, 2014-2016