Alabama Faces Risk of Fire Ants Floating on Floodwater

Alabama Faces Risk of Fire Ants Floating on Floodwater

Floodwater doesn't kill fire ants, and actually could cause displacement.

June 23, 2017
Not even a tropical storm can kill fire ants, as Alabama residents are being warned of the potential risks of floodwater causing the displacement of the colonies.

Tropical Storm Cindy is approaching the state, an the Alabama Cooperative Extension System warned in a blog post that "colonies will emerge from the soil, form a loose ball, float and flow with the water until reaching a dry area or object."

The ACES continued to explain that the colonies will "clamber on to anything they come in contact with," and could end up nearly anywhere after the flood resides. They recommended to avoid contact with floating masses of ants, dress in clothing that protects the skin and to remove ants that come in contact with the skin by rubbing them off. 

If a displaced colony is found, residents should use an insecticide instead of a bait. 

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