German Eurocido Exhibition Celebrates 20 Years

German Eurocido Exhibition Celebrates 20 Years

Although cold, wet and windy outside, the welcome at Eurocido 2012 was warm and friendly. Held once again at the Messe Westfalenhallen in Dortmund, Germany on Feb. 15-16, it was something of a celebration this year, as this was the tenth anniversary of the event.

March 2, 2012
Frances McKim
Event organizer Rainer Gsell of DSV (left) with Lorenza Brazzoduro representing ANID

DORTMUND, GERMANY — Although cold, wet and windy outside, the welcome at Eurocido 2012 was warm and friendly. Held once again at the Messe Westfalenhallen in Dortmund, Germany on Feb. 15-16, it was something of a celebration this year, as this was the tenth anniversary of the event. Frances McKim, editor of Pest magazine reports.

As Eurocido is only held every two years, this means the event has featured in the pest control calendar for 20 years and must be one of the longest established events in Europe. From modest beginnings it has expanded year on year. As event organizer Rainer Gsell national chairman of the German pest control Association DSV (Deutscher Schädlingsbekämpfer-Verband) commented: “It was noticeable that since the last event in 2010, the exhibition itself had grown considerably. This year the exhibition covered 3,600 m2 compared to 2,200m2 last time and we had almost 50% more exhibitors –up from 65 to 90 this time. The number of visitors was about 1,500, which is the same as two years ago.”

Exhibitors came from across Europe – like Silvandersson from Sweden

Rainer Gsell continued saying: “We had lots of pest controllers through the door and, because they pay to enter, we only get those in charge – the decision makers and owners – rather than the technicians, which is excellent for the exhibitors. There were many good comments from the exhibitors about the quality of the visitors.”

The exhibition was certainly bustling and well attended for all the peak opening times, but the same could not be said of the seminars which ran alongside. Whilst the seminar room was virtually full for the more technical sessions on day one, the room was pretty empty, despite some good speakers, on day two which was billed as the CEPA Pest Management Day.

An opportunity to launch new products

Representing Bell was Thomas Deuscher, regional manager for Northern Europe, with the DSV Innovation award for Protecta Evo Express

As ever with exhibitions, several of the manufacturers took the opportunity to launch their new products. Launched in the US at PestWorld 2011, Bell had on display for the first time in Europe their Protecta Evo Express. In fact this product won the award, voted for by visitors, for the best new product introduction at the show. Also first seen at PestWorld last year, German machinery manufacturer – Igeba – had on their stand the new and easily portable U5M ULV aerosol generator machine. Hungarian manufacturer, Bábolna Bio revealed, for the first time, Protect Sensation. This is a two-in-one bait which combines the better acceptance of fresh pasta bait encased within a safe and secure, external extruded wax block.

Unlike in America, you could be forgiven for wondering where all the bed bug products were. But interestingly, spotted on the Wales-based AgriSense stand was a new bed bug monitoring trap. Having been in development for some time, the easily assembled cardboard trap contains a refined blend of active ingredients plus sticky glue to retain the pests once caught.

János Daru of Bábolna Bio displays Protect Revolution which also attracted plenty of attention

‘Green’ a strong theme
One thing that is always more obvious at German events is the strength of ‘green’ pest control topics and the number of stands displaying ‘green’ products. Eurocido was no exception and the first day’s seminar program also had a green theme. This kicked-off with an excellent presentation from Bob Rosenberg, senior vice president of NPMA (National Pest Management Association) who detailed the GreenPro American approach.

Continuing the international theme, Lorenza Brazzoduro representing ANID (the Italian pest control association) gave an excellent overview of developments in the Italian pest management market provided some salutary lessons for the rest of Europe. She described how ten years ago pest control operations were generally regarded as a low-level activity requiring no particular professionalism, but that since the establishment of ANID, pest control has been turned into an official institution recognized by the trade unions and with the involvement of a number of universities, putting the focus clearly on professionalism.

Bob Rosenberg, senior vice president of NPMA, spoke about the USA's GreenPro initiative

No show is complete without its lighter moments. Visitors to the BASF stand could try their hand at crazy golf and to celebrate 25 years in the German market, Killgerm laid on a jazz band and a cake designed as a giant cockroach cake. Models of rats were being created in clay and also marzipan, not to mention the real thing – live rodents – on the Babolna Bio stand. However, maybe the prettiest ‘insects’ were the two girls dressed-up as bees!

So, all in all, an excellent event. And one which even captured the attention of a film crew from the regional TV station. The only real criticism from the exhibitors was that they would prefer to be in one hall as the second smaller hall, which didn’t include any of the big distributors’ stands, was quieter. DSV has already addressed this issue and made the decision to move the event for 2014 to Hall 5 which offers 5,000 m2 of space. “This Hall also has its own standalone restaurant so the food will be better. Our aim is to get to 100 exhibitors for 2014,” concluded organizer Rainer Gsell.

Left: Dawn Bolton of AgriSense with their new bedbug monitoring trap. Right: Exhibitor’s stands were busy throughout the exhibition. Bottom: A cockroach cake to celebrate Killgerm’s 25 years in Germany.


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