Online Only: Selling Deep

Online Only: Selling Deep

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Bobby Jenkins discusses how ABC Home & Commercial Services sells the wide range of services it offers.

October 23, 2012
Bobby Jenkins (center) speaks on a panel with Rich Ennis (left) and Alfie Treleven (right) at PCT's Top 100 event in Chicago, this summer.

Editor’s note: As part of PCT’s coverage of this summer’s PCT Top 100 event is a review of a panel discussion titled “Creating a Culture of Innovation.” The panel included industry leaders Rich Ennis, Bobby Jenkins and Alfie Treleven. Below is an additional article based on this presentation in which Jenkins discusses how his company, ABC Home & Commercial Services, sells the wide range of services it offers.

Companies looking to sell a range of services to each customer face the challenge of making customers aware of their portfolio of services while avoiding the perception that customers are going to spend money on more things than they had originally planned. Solid selling skills are important, says ABC Home & Commercial Services President Bobby Jenkins.

“We handle this situation with tact,” says Jenkins, “taking the approach that we have a responsibility to the customer to let him or her know all of the services we provide. We’ll say, ‘As a service to you, Mrs. Jones, I’ve included a proposal for this, this and this.’”

These proposals typically stem from a technician’s noticing other areas that might be of concern to the customer. Jenkins explains, “We have a lot of carpenter ants in our area, and tree branches touching the roof is the perfect opportunity to say, ‘I notice you have tree branches touching your house. We have a tree trimming business; I can ask one of our arborists to contact you.’” ABC technicians also are trained to ask probing questions such as “Who’s taking care of your lawn?” and “Who maintains your pool?

” This approach has enabled ABC to become trusted providers of not only pest and wildlife management services but also HVAC, electrical, plumbing, lawn care, tree service, swimming pool, holiday lighting, home inspection, and handyman services.