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January 29, 2013
PCT Magazine

Bell Laboratories


Bell Laboratories introduced Detex soft bait, a non-toxic monitoring soft bait with Lumitrack. Detex Soft Bait is a highly palatable, non-toxic bait formulated with Lumitrack for monitoring and pre-baiting, the company reports. The soft bait formulation makes it an essential element in an IPM program, especially in environments where rodents are used to fatty or oily diets, Bell says.

Detex Soft Bait with Lumitrack is formulated for sustained palatability to quickly gain and hold rodent acceptance. Once rodents consume the bait, Lumitrack enables PMPs to identify and track rodents faster and easier, Bell reports. Droppings from rodents that have consumed Lumitrack glow neon green under black light, enabling PMPs to identify the species and locate rodent entry points, pathways and harborage areas.

Bell said the soft bait is unaffected by freezing temperatures and is resistant to mold and moisture in hot conditions. An extruded hole in the center of the bait makes it easy to place the sachets on bait securing rods.

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Quality Equipment & Spray


Quality Equipment & Spray is offering its line of Telesteps ladders at its new website, for use wherever a stable, tall and easy-to-transport extension ladder is needed by pest management professionals. Telestep ladders fill the need for a professional grade product with the convenient telescoping feature, the firm reports. Quality Equipment & Spray says its ladders are easily portable and are quickly able to be stored.

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Sales Training by Design


Sales Training by Design, a pest management consulting business, offers four new training programs from Patrick Quigley, the company’s owner. The programs include “One on One,” to help clients solve challenges through phone, text and email correspondence; “Retainer Solutions,” remote sales management and business development advice; “Value Plus Training Programs,” customized, in-person training on subjects like residential and commercial sales to goal-setting, time management and more; “Next Level Coaching,” a 12-month coaching program for higher profits.

Quigley said he created these new training and coaching programs to benefit the PCO and anyone in an organization looking to meet and exceed their career goals and business objectives.

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Bird-B-Gone has added Heavy Duty Industrial Pond Netting to its line of professional grade bird control products. Pond netting is stretched over toxic tailing ponds or other water collection sites as a physical barrier to prevent birds from landing and dying in the toxic water. Installing pond netting not only protects birds, but also prevents fines associated with migratory bird deaths.

Bird-B-Gone’s new netting is made from a durable, UV-stabilized DuPont knotted-mesh nylon and meant for prolonged use in harsh environments. The netting comes in large stock sizes and custom cuts and is available with installation hardware. Bird-B-Gone’s team can assist with design and installation advice.

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Woodstream introduced its new Victor Tri-Kill Mouse Trap. This unique trap is capable of humanely dispatching three mice at once, the manufacturer reports. It provides a quick and clean solution, is simple to use and won’t harm children or pets, Woodstream said. Traps come packaged three per box.

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Anstar Products


Anstar Products has introduced Fieldwork, a cloud-based software platform and mobile application designed for the pest management industry.

Fieldwork offers a complete customer database, visual calendar, scheduling and prescheduling, customizable service reports and customizable invoices, Anstar reports. The Fieldwork mobile application displays daily service tickets, customer contact information, service locations and allows technicians to track material usage and target pests, the company said.

Fieldwork offers a free mobile application and a 30-day free trial for the cloud-based software. Fieldwork is available beyond the free trial for $29/month per route and the mobile application is free. Fieldwork is billed as a monthly service without contracts.

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Clarke is launching EarthRight, a service that pairs two products with earth-friendly applications, with pilot tests in three Chicago-area communities and plans to roll out the service nationwide.

EarthRight pairs Natular larvicide and Merus adulticide to eliminate larvae and adult mosquitoes. The products are Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) listed, so they can be used in and around organic gardens and farms. EarthRight uses GPS to route field technicians to monitor breeding sites and treatment locations and incorporates earth-friendly applications for mosquito control, including bicycles, small-footprint trucks and electric applicators for night-time treatments.

Natular won the EPA’s Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award in 2010, and was the first “Reduced Risk” larvicide that EPA registered. It also was the first new active ingredient for public health in nearly three decades, the company said. Merus, with an active ingredient derived from chrysanthemum flowers, is the first OMRI listed adulticide for wide-area mosquito control.

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