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Manufacturers introduced an array of new products at NPMA PestWorld.

January 29, 2013
PCT Magazine

Editor’s Note: Manufacturers spend millions of dollars every year developing innovative new products for the pest control industry. Some feature enhanced formulations of existing products, while others represent never-before-seen technology. More often than not, suppliers unveil these product innovations at NPMA PestWorld, an annual conference and trade show sponsored by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA). In the coming months, PCT will feature brief profiles of new products that were on display at PestWorld 2012. This month, we’re featuring editorial contributions from BASF about Alpine WSG Water Soluble Granule Insecticide and Syngenta Professional Products about Tandem Insecticide. If you would like to see a product your company launched at NPMA PestWorld featured in a future issue of PCT, send a product release and photo to PCT Editor Jodi Dorsch at jdorsch@giemedia.com.

Alpine WSG Offers Highly Flexible Label

In early 2013 a new broad-spectrum pesticide will arrive on the market with the efficacy and label flexibility to become one of the most flexible formulations available for general insect control, according to the manufacturer.

Alpine WSG Water Soluble Granule Insecticide, from BASF, is an effective alternative to pyrethroid insecticides developed to keep a wide range of curative and preventive application sites — both indoor and outdoor — strongly in play.

Alpine WSG Insecticide mixes with water for application by power sprayer, hand compressor sprayer or backpack spray systems, with fewer restrictions against broadcast application than pyrethroids.

The full range of residential applications on the Alpine WSG Insecticide label enables PMPs to treat and protect locations that are off limits to other insecticides, BASF says. Alpine WSG Insecticide use sites include:

  • Attics and other structural surfaces, both indoor and outdoor.
  • Impervious surfaces, including sidewalks, driveways, patios and porches.
  • Building exteriors, including siding, gutters, doors and window trim.
  • Interior treatment, including floors, rugs, carpeting, upholstered furniture and pet resting areas.
  • Off-structure curative and preventive, including yards and insect trails.

BASF reports the new product is particularly effective on some of the most common insect pests, including ants, bed bugs, fleas and German cockroaches. Emerging label restrictions continue to alter the pest control landscape, prompting the need for flexible, effective options pest management professioanls can use to support customers.

“Increased pyrethroid restrictions may constitute an unwelcome impact on insect control practices, but it also gives all of us the opportunity to continue finding new, innovative solutions while still getting the job done effectively,” said James Herrmann, product manager for general insect control North America, BASF.

To show how well the flexibility of Alpine WSG Insecticide can expand their pest control toolboxes, BASF is inviting PMPs to sample the product for free.

The active ingredient in the entire Alpine family of products is dinotefuran, which has received Reduced Risk status for public health use by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This means that Alpine WSG Insecticide is well suited for use in accounts such as homes, hospitals and nursing homes, where it can be used indoors and out, BASF reports.

Alpine WSG Insecticide is also easy to mix and apply. The pre-measured formulation dissolves into a clear, odorless solution that does not stain or leave a residue on surfaces tested. The mix does not clog equipment and stays in solution for consistent application.

To sign up for a free Alpine WSG Insecticide sample, pest management professionals can visit www.pestcontrol.basf.us/alpinewsg or call 888/773-8348.

Tandem Features Dual Modes of Action

Syngenta recently announced the EPA registration and availability of its Tandem insecticide, a new product with dual modes of action to control more than 90 indoor and outdoor pests, according to the manufacturer. The formulation and chemistry of Tandem combines lambda-cyhalothrin and thiamethoxam, to provide PMPs with one flexible, broad-spectrum product, according to the company.

“Tandem provides pest control from cupboard to curb,” said Pat Willenbrock, brand manager for Syngenta. “With two active ingredients and the flexibility to use on various sites, Tandem eliminates the need for technicians to carry and use multiple products, making it easier to tackle a variety of pest issues.”

Tandem is labeled to use indoors for residential, commercial and food-handling areas and outdoors for perimeter or spot treatments for general pests. Tandem has a full turf-application label allowing for lawn and landscape application. For more information, visit www.syngentaPMP.com.