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January 28, 2014
PCT Magazine

Bootie Shoe CoversBootie Shoe Covers

PCOs can raise their company’s professionalism by equipping their service professionals with Bootie Shoe Covers. The covers keep flooring or work areas free from dirt and grease that can be tracked inside homes and businesses. Additionally, they are machine-washable, so they can be re-used. Other features include: solidly built for easy on and off; sure-grip bottom for traction on all surfaces; inner lining (keeps dirt inside); and elastic top to keep them snug, even on boots.

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Azuga, an instant-install cloud-based GPS fleet tracking and driver behavior solution, is introducing fleet telematics with breakthrough pricing, lifetime hardware warranties and no contracts, the company said. Azuga’s instant-install OBDII device can begin in as little as 22 seconds and allows companies to track their fleets for just 70 cents per day per vehicle (price includes GPS tracking device). Powered by Azuga’s G2TM technology, the company said the device “reads” vehicles’ engine data quickly and sends data to the cloud, giving fleet administrators real-time snapshots of location, entry and exit into virtual perimeters (geofenencing), vehicle health, location, fuel usage, carbon footprint and driver behavior.

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Bell LaboratoriesBell Laboratories

Bell Laboratories has four different products containing Lumitrack, an additive that causes rodent droppings to glow brightly under UV or black light. This tool helps pest management professionals identify droppings in dark or congested areas where they could go unnoticed, takes the guesswork out of rodent control and improves baiting strategy, the company said. Rodent droppings help identify species type and track rodent activity (i.e. entry points, pathways and harborage areas). Lumitrack is available in the following Bell Labs’ palatable and weatherable products: Final Soft Bait with Lumitrack, Contrac Blox with Lumitrack, Detex Blox with Lumitrack and Detex Soft Bait with Lumitrack.

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PE-Plus Premium Grade Knotted Bird Netting from Bird-X is a permanent 3/4-inch knotted polyethylene netting, ideal for commercial projects. It is sensible, strong, long-lasting and hassle-free, the company said. Knotted bird netting seals off areas and entry points, blocking access by pest birds, and it also excludes bats and pest animals. The netting is made of a lightweight, pliable, maintenance-free material so it allows light and moisture through, but is nearly invisible from a distance. Knotted bird netting has 3/4-inch openings and is available in four sizes: 25 foot x 25 foot, 25 foot x 50 foot; 50 foot x 50 foot, 50 foot x 100 foot. Bird-X recommends the netting be used to protect support structures and perimeters, parking lots and garages; underpasses and bridges; rooftops, domes and chimneys; louvers, eaves, windowsills and ledges; beams and columns; statues, signs and billboards; and air conditioners, gutters and pipes.

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Diversified Sales and MarketingDiversified Sales & Marketing

Diversified Sales & Marketing recently introduced the “Clear“ Puffer Duster from Executive Pest Control Products. The Puffer Duster now has a “clear” rubber body that allows the user to see the volume of product inside, has a removable barrel cap and an O-ring on the clean-out rod to prevent leaks.

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cirkil productTerramera


Terramera announced the launch of its personal-sized Cirkil product, a ready-to-use product designed for the professional pest management industry, with a new label that industry professionals can also use to sell or provide to their customers as a leave-behind before, between or after treatments. The plant-based spray technology in Cirkil, recently fast-tracked by the EPA, kills bed bugs and their eggs with or without direct contact. It also can be used to treat items such as books and electronics without needing to spray the items directly.

Terramera’s 3-ounce personal-sized Cirkil biopesticide was developed to be part of an integrated pest management strategy for bed bugs.

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 EBB-60KW Trailer Equipment PackageTemp-Air

The EBB-60KW Trailer Equipment Package from Thermal Remediation provides heat treatment of bed bugs in single-family homes, multi-unit apartments, hotel rooms and multiple dorm rooms simultaneously. The process relies on three main keys to a successful treatment: apply heat, move air, monitor and record temperatures.

This package’s generator can handle up to six heaters, allowing a customized package to treat up to 2,100 square feet based on six- to eight-hour treatment times. Treatment strategies allow for larger settings based on the number of heaters in the package. Selection can be made of four- or six-heater packages and two different high-temperature fans. The FLIR i7 Thermal Imaging Camera also can be added to help identify what is hot vs. what is not. For details, pricing and options on customizing a package, call (800) 836-7432.

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Victor MolewormsWoodstream

Woodstream has introduced the new Victor Moleworms (item# M6009PCO) to eliminate mole problems. Victor Moleworms are ready to use and look and feel just like real earthworms, the moles’ natural and preferred food source, the company said. Moleworms are formulated to be attractive to moles and contains the active ingredient Bromethalin. To use, identify the active mole tunnels and treat them by placing Moleworms in the tunnel for the mole to consume and die.

The Victor Moleworm package includes 25 Moleworms, 10 active tunnel locator flags and three protective gloves. It is registered and approved in all states except North Carolina.

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Insect Shield

Insect Shield has launched its Workplace Safety & Health online store, which makes protective clothing and other items available to workers in at-risk locations across the globe, the company reports.

The selection includes work wear, professional apparel and accessories for sun protection, flame resistance and high visibility, and additional protective items such as mosquito nets, Insect Shield said. The new online storefront offers added functionality and enhanced site navigation, the company said.

Insect Shield said its expanded line up of repellent work wear offers vital protection against a variety of insects that can cause dangerous diseases, like malaria. The long-lasting clothing treatment is proven to last through 70 washes, the firm reports.

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