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February 26, 2013
PCT Magazine

FMC Corporation


Pest management professionals in New York now may use Transport Mikron insecticide to control bed bugs on mattresses and inside empty luggage, announced FMC Corporation. Transport Mikron also may be used on bed frames, box springs, dressers, clothes closets, carpet edges and wall hangings, as well as electrical switch plates, door frames, bookcases and window frames.

“PMPs in New York can now apply Transport Mikron in most areas of a bedroom when there is evidence of bed bugs,” said Catherine Bernard, professional pest brand marketing manager for FMC Professional Solutions. “In fact, New York PMPs can use Transport Mikron for nearly all of their pest treatment needs, now that the product has this supplemental label and the Food and Feed Handling Establishment supplemental label.”

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Brother Mobile Solutions


Brother Mobile Solutions introduces the PocketJet 673, which delivers direct thermal printing compatible with the iPhone and iPad. The printer uses a wireless Internet connection to produce high-resolution, 8.5-by-11 inch documents for printing either in an office or in the field, the firm reports.

Brother Mobile Solutions says the PocketJet 673 is the first mobile thermal printer specifically designed for use only with an iPhone or iPad that delivers fast, full-page documents from virtually any location with an ad-hoc WiFi connection. It helps eliminate the time and costs associated with printing from a fixed location and gives Apple users an operational efficiency they didn’t have previously, Brother Mobile Solutions says.

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Coxreels is expanding the capabilities of its hand crank and motorized 1125 Series reels to offer an upgraded swivel for high-pressure applications, the company announced. With an operating pressure up to 5,000 PSI, the external fluid path is configured with an electroless nickel-plated steel, 90-degree full-flow NPT swivel inlet, and chemical-resistant AFLAS seals to handle demanding tasks, Coxreels said. The HP1225 models have all the standard features and benefits of their sister series, including a sturdy one-piece, all-welded “A” frame base for maximum stability, low-profile outlet riser, and open drum slot design to provide a non-crimping, flat smooth hose wrap.

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WinField introduced Wick adjuvant, a product that can be added to pesticides. Wick is a nonionic textile spreader and penetrant that improves the distribution and effectiveness of pesticides for improved control indoors and out, WinField reports.

This adjuvant enhances both the movement and wicking of insecticides into textile fibers, with minimal effect on carpet stain guards, WinField said. Wick adjuvant also increases the efficacy of indoor crack and crevice treatments; however, to avoid creating a hazardous slippery surface, spray solutions containing the product must be kept away from traffic or walking areas on non-textile or smooth surfaces.

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Service Pro.net


ServicePro.net announced an upgrade to its Print to Mail services in the company’s pest control software program.

The new feature allows PCOs to review documents in a .pdf format before sending them to a print house. The feature also allows PCOs to upload the .pdf directly to the print house, making the process easier and faster, the firm reports.

“Pest control companies spend thousands of dollars per year on labor and toner in order to process their own documents,” Service Pro.net said in a release. “With this service you don’t have to worry about buying toner, folding forms, stuffing the envelope, or going to the post office.”

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