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Product updates and information about termites and their control.

February 26, 2013
PCT Magazine

Editor’s note: Suppliers, if you have a termite control product you would like to have highlighted in an upcoming issue, please send a press release and a high-resolution photo to jdorsch@giemedia.com.

BASF Offers PMPs its Termidor Family of Products

BASF continues to expand its Termidor family of products — and the most recent addition is Termidor Foam termiticide/insecticide. Termidor Foam provides the same excellent control as other Termidor products, but in a ready-to-use foam, BASF reports. It’s ideal for spot treatments in wall voids and is effective on termites, ants and other listed pests, the manufacturer says.

Termidor DRY termiticide is another formulation that can be applied into active termite galleries virtually anywhere they are found. Its patented Microllose matrix encourages termites to ingest and spread the active ingredient to the rest of the colony via the “Transfer Effect.” This treatment option is effective on both drywood and subterranean termites. And, with approval for use “off-structure” in trees, decks, fence posts and more, it also extends growth potential for new and existing residential and commercial accounts, BASF says.

With the introduction of Termidor H•E High-Efficiency Termiticide Copack with Termidor HE Technology, BASF says it shows its dedication to making it easier for PMPs to be successful and profitable. Termidor HE Copack is the next generation of Termidor termiticide/insecticide. It expands upon the Termidor SC formulation by adding the BASF proprietary material that temporarily boosts the transport of the active ingredient within the soil. BASF says this translates to time, water and labor savings while still offering the protection of Termidor. For more information visit visit www.agro.basf.us.


Nisus Corporation’s Bora-Care Patent Granted in Australia and India

Nisus Corporation’s patent dealing with its Bora-Care termiticide product’s ability to prevent termite tubing on concrete has now been granted internationally by Australia and India, and is pending in Japan.

Dr. Ramsey Smith of Louisiana State University invented a new methodology to test this capability using treated concrete and the more aggressive Formosan subterranean termite.

“Bora-Care performed exceptionally because unlike other termiticides, the active ingredient is not broken down by UV light nor by the high pH of cementitious materials,” says Dr. Jeff Lloyd, corporate vice president of research and development at Nisus. “The non-volatile patent mixture of glycols also carries the active into termites’ tubes to target the pest during their tube construction.”

Smith’s research demonstrated that Bora-Care is an effective termite preventive treatment on non-wood materials such as concrete and brick; no other temiticide has been shown to have this ability, Nisus reports.

Following the discovery that borates worked as an effective barrier on non-wood construction materials, termite entry sites through bath traps and plumbing penetrations were added to the U.S. EPA-registered Bora-Care label, in addition to tubing on foundation walls. The label changes on Bora-Care were made at the request of the Florida Department of Agriculture to further improve the performance of Bora-Care and to protect consumers.

Contact Nisus at www.nisuscorp.com or 800/264-0870.


Oldham Chemicals Offers Any Type of Pre-Treat Rig

Oldham Chemicals Co. can design, build and test any size or type of pre-treat rig to fit your company specifications. The firm says it has many years of experience in designing and building rigs that will yield maximum output for huge, time-sensitive pre-treat jobs and also standard rigs that are needed for day-to-day pre-treat needs and also post-treat requirements.

Oldham’s equipment team can design fiberglass or poly tank configurations from 2,000-gallon to 50-gallon requirements. The firm has roller pumps, piston pumps and diaphragm pumps that will meet any job requirements. Oldham says it will support all repair and maintenance needs for as long as the rigs are used in the field. The firm has a complete inventory of Honda and Briggs & Stratton engines.

Oldham stands behind more than 45 years of supplying the professional pest control industry with personal customer support, the firm says. The distributor also has a complete line of termite guns, gauges, pumps and motors to keep termite technicians in business.

For more information about Oldham Chemicals Co., call 800/888-5502 or visit www.oldhamchem.com or www.oldhamequip.com.


When Termites Attack Red Cross, the Sentricon System Responds

The Red Cross of the Chesapeake Region in Maryland is there for people in need — and the Sentricon System was there for the Red Cross, Dow AgroSciences reports.

When a Red Cross volunteer moved a refrigerator in the building’s warehouse, it exposed dangerously damaged floorboards. One volunteer’s foot actually went through the floor. Upon inspection, American Pest Management discovered a severe subterranean termite infestation.

“One of our volunteers actually stepped through the floor in the back of our building, which is where we keep all of our disaster supplies,” says Nicholas Geier, director of the Red Cross of the Chesapeake Region, which routinely provides disaster relief, blood drives, health and safety classes and more.

To help out, Dow AgroSciences offered to donate the Sentricon System and American Pest Management offered to donate its time to install it. A video was produced to document this installation. The video is available on the Sentricon YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/termitecontrol.

“We were made aware of the need for our services by the Red Cross and of their financial limitations,” says Paul Bergmann, director of administration with American Pest Management. “Once we inspected and saw the severity of the infestation, we knew that the Sentricon System was the right solution.”

American Pest Management installed the Sentricon System with Always Active technology. At the heart of the Sentricon System is a patent-pending bait material that termites prefer to wood, manufacturer Dow AgroSciences says. Termites continuously forage and discover the baited in-ground stations, feed on the bait and then share the bait with the colony. The active ingredient in the bait, noviflumuron, disrupts the termite natural molting process, which eliminates individual termites. Because termites depend on each other for survival, the entire colony is eliminated.

“Knowing the Sentricon System is protecting our property 24/7/365, is a great feeling because we’re busy 24/7/365,” Geier says. “We know we can focus on our mission because we have the Sentricon System keeping our building protected from termites. It’s a win-win.”

For more information, visit www.sentricon.com.


CSI Announces EPA Approval of EP/IST Label Language for Dominion 2L

CSI recently announced that it has received EPA approval for the addition of Exterior Perimeter/Interior Spot Treatment post-construction termite treatment language to the Dominion 2L label. The addition of EP/IST termite treatment language allows PMPs the freedom to perform either a full conventional post-construction termite treatment or an EP/IST termite treatment, depending on the needs of their customer using Dominion 2L.

“The addition of termite treatment language to the Dominion 2L label is an example of how we at CSI strive to deliver what our customers truly want and need. We are proud to provide PMPs the highest quality liquid termiticide products available and to offer the market a true choice when it comes to product selection. We manufacture not only imidacloprid-based Dominion 2L now featuring the added language, but also fipronil-powered Taurus SC, the first post-patent fipronil termiticide available and are proud to share that our liquid termiticides are formulated and packaged right here at our state-of-the-art production facility in Pasadena, Texas,” said Curtis Clark, vice president of sales and marketing at CSI.

Many customers already have benefited from using Dominion 2L, CSI says. JS Pest, a pest management company in Las Vegas, has been using Dominion 2L for its liquid termiticide work for a number of years. Dominion 2L will enable JS Pest to offer more flexibility in their liquid termiticide treatments and tailor-fit their termite treatment options for its customers, the firm says.

“We’ve been a Dominion 2L user for some time now and have been looking forward to the EP/IST termite application option to be available on the Dominion 2L label. Now that it is, we have more flexibility and termite control options which allows us to offer even more value to our customers,” said George Botta of JS Pest.

Dominion 2L with the newly added EP/IST label language will be available immediately in all currently registered states (California and New York pending) via a supplemental label available on CSI’s website (http://bit.ly/VVYxIf).

For more information about Control Solutions and its products visit www.controlsolutionsinc.com.


Altriset offers PMPs an Innovative Chemistry

Altriset termiticide from Syngenta has been proven to provide outstanding efficacy when tested in different regions of the country, Syngenta officials report. In USDA Forest Service trials, Syngenta says Altriset has shown excellent performance for eight consecutive years in Florida, Arizona, Mississippi and South Carolina. (The lack of activity in control plots in Arizona prevents proper interpretation of results, Syngenta noted.)

When used in accordance with the label, Altriset quickly stops termite feeding within hours of exposure by causing muscle paralysis to termites’ mouthparts. As a delayed toxicant, exposed termites can still walk, groom and aggregate in groups for an extended period of time. These interactions enhance the spread of Altriset and increase the chance of horizontal transfer within the colony. Termites finally become lethargic and show signs of decreased coordination, resulting in mortality within several days.

With this mode of action, Altriset can control termite populations within three months, the manufacturer reports. Syngenta says Altriset delivers immediate structural protection and can provide residual protection for several years.

For more information visit www.syngentapmp.com.


Termatrac Boosts Homeowners’ Confidence in PMPs

Customer confidence and satisfaction is so high that PMPs using the Termatrac win 70 percent of their quotes, Termatrac officials report.

The Termatrac T3i was launched in the United States in 2011 and is enabling PMPs to accurately identify hidden live termite activity and other insects. Then, post-treatment it proves the treatment’s effectiveness. This proof is giving customers great confidence in the PMP knowing that their house is once again protected, Termatrac reports.

“Using radar Termatrac is the only device that detects termite movement through almost any building material,” said Termatrac’s Peter Baldwin. “That non-invasive level of detection allows for the most highly efficient targeting of termiticide applications possible.

“Homeowners get to see the hidden termite activity and location prior to treatment and after treatment see that they are gone,” Baldwin continued. “This also enables PMPs to increase their level of guarantee with total confidence and reduces callbacks and re-fumes.”

Baldwin says recent drywood research by Dr. Brian Forschler of the University of Georgia and Robert Hickman of BASF supports the accuracy of Termatrac. “The termite detection radar verifies treatment success,” Forschler says. “The Termatrac enhances the credibility factor for PMPs. Every serious professional should consider having one.”

For more information, call 310/242-5854 or visit www.termatrac.com.


WallSensor Detects Termites, Rodents, Water Dripping and More

WallSensor is a small, battery-powered, wireless sensor that detects termites and other in-wall threats, and sends out alerts via email and smartphone push notifications.

WallSensor runs on a five-year standard battery and has a stethoscope microphone. Users sink a hollow screw that comes with each sensor into wallboard, and thread the microphone into the hollow screw. The unit is hung on the protruding screw.

The sensor’s microphone scans in all directions, with a 20-foot range on average, the firm reports. WallSensor can discern insects, rodents and the sound of dripping water inside walls, the firm reports.

WallSensor was developed by Joe Korakin, a wireless sensor and acoustics engineer with a background in audio processing. For more information, visit www.wallsensor.com.


Bayer Offers Special Savings on Premise With Promotion

Environmental Science, a division of Bayer CropScience LP, is offering a “Buy Two, Get One Free” promotion on Premise 75 WP, its non-repellent termiticide. Through Sept. 30, PMPs who purchase two cases of Premise 75 WP will receive one case free.

Premise 75 WP is a non-repellent termiticide that has been proven to be effective in treating dampwood, drywood and subterranean termites, as well as other wood-infesting insects, Bayer reports. Termites tunnel into treated areas and become exposed to the active ingredient, imidacloprid.

Premise 75 WP has a less than 1 percent retreat rate, the manufacturer says. Additionally, Premise 75 WP features water-soluble packets that allow for easy mixing, while reducing potential exposure risk for pesticide handlers.

For more information, visit www.backedbybayer.com, or call a Bayer customer service representative at 800/331-2867.


Transport Mikron Insecticide for Long-Lasting Termite Control

An advanced, non-repellent liquid insecticide formulation from FMC Corporation, Transport Mikron insecticide, provides fast-acting, long-lasting control of termites, bed bugs, ants, crickets and more than 30 other pests, including pyrethroid-resistant pests, according to the manufacturer.

FMC reports Transport Mikron is effective against all three genera of termites, Reticulitermes, Heterotermes and Coptotermes. With its improved knockdown speed, lasting residual and good resistance management properties, Transport Mikron often eliminates all termite activity within 30 days of application, the manufacturer says. The product works well in large spray rigs, including those with in-line dosing systems.

The solution stability of Mikron ensures that PMPs deliver the same concentration of active ingredient from the first application to the last, FMC says. This even dispersion also ensures the uniform distribution of material on every square inch of application surface. In addition, Transport Mikron is a clear formulation, which does not stain or leave a messy residue, FMC reports.

For more information, visit www.fmcprosolutions.com.


Enclosing Crawlspaces a Profit Center for PMPs

A key profit center for crawlspace business is gaining termite accounts after you enclose a crawlspace, according to Crawlspace Depot. While PMPs are in a crawlspace, it’s easy to also do a borate-based “green” termite treatment as part of the process, then install termite-resistant insulation board, the manufacturer reports. This delivers long-term termite protection on every home, generating annual revenues for years to come with termite renewals, Crawlspace Depot adds.

Pest control companies can apply an EPA-registered borate-based liquid termiticide directly to wood, concrete and foundation penetrations to eliminate wood as a food source and to create a continuous barrier that termites cannot cross. Treated wood also is protected against carpenter ants, wood-destroying beetles and decay fungi.

Insulation helps keep crawlspaces dry, clean and comfortable. However, insulation is susceptible to termite infestation and can trap moisture. Crawlspace Depot says it offers the first termite-resistant expanded polystyrene insulation designed for basements and enclosed crawlspaces. This insulation board has 3 mil poly on both sides to prevent moisture and vapor penetration. It is a cost-effective, durable, and energy-efficient solution for all types of insulation applications. The boards have been thoroughly tested, are safe for handling and are noncorrosive, the firm says.

For more information, contact Crawlspace Depot at www.crawlspacedepot.com or at 888/331-9991.


ProFoam Platinum Celebrates 10 Years

ProFoam Platinum, a foaming agent from NPD Products, is more relevant today than when it hit the marketplace a decade ago, the firm says. Today, topics like water conservation, directed treatment and a concern for the environment are all being discussed. These are direct benefits of using foam technology and ProFoam Platinum, NPD Products says.

Ten years ago, Michael Howe, president, NPD Products, said he was cautiously optimistic about his formula, ProFoam Platinum, which he adds was the first non-repellent foaming agent available for the industry. “With new non-repellent chemicals coming to market, I knew a non-repellent foaming agent was an ideal strategy to incorporate into an IPM strategy, but I wasn’t sure if the marketplace would readily embrace foam applications over standard topical liquid treatment,” Howe said. “It didn’t take long to see that ProFoam Platinum had many ambassadors. There were and are people in the industry, government and universities, who saw and continue to see the wisdom in incorporating a non-repellent foam strategy. In certain applications, foam is superior to liquid only. Foam travels, moving into all areas, under concrete slabs, cracks and crevices.

“Nothing else stacks up like ProFoam,” he added.

PMPs can celebrate ProFoam Platinum’s 10th anniversary. Do so by sending your two-minute video, showing off how you “foam it up.” The best video wins a free Herman HE. For full contest details visit www.npdproducts.com/mediazone/contest-herman.