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In part three of our series, PCT highlights new products that were introduced at NPMA PestWorld.

April 30, 2013
PCT Magazine

Editor’s Note: Manufacturers spend millions of dollars every year developing innovative new products for the pest control industry. Some feature enhanced formulations of existing products, while others represent never-before-seen technology. More often than not, suppliers unveil these product innovations at NPMA PestWorld, an annual conference and trade show sponsored by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA). In the coming months, PCT will feature brief profiles of new products that were on display at PestWorld 2012. This month, we’re featuring editorial contributions from AP&G about Catchmaster Slim and Bayer CropScience’s Harmonix Insect Spray. If you would like to see a product your company launched at NPMA PestWorld featured in a future issue of PCT, send a product release and photo to PCT Editor Jodi Dorsch at jdorsch@giemedia.com.

AP&G Introduces Catchmaster Slim

The Slim features a multi-catch mechanism that can be used with or without a glueboard.

AP&G has introduced the all-new Catchmaster Slim, a narrow-profile multi-catch mouse trap. The Slim features a multi-catch mechanism that can be used with or without a glueboard. The Slim can be placed in locations where others cannot fit or hold up — in warehouses between pallets, in offices between filing cabinets, and in kitchens between and behind appliances, AP&G reports. The Slim’s polycarbonate construction is extremely rugged, durable and proudly made in the United States, the firm said.

Visit www.catchmasterPRO.com for more information.


Bayer CropScience Announces the Registration of Harmonix Insect Spray

Special savings for pest management professionals effective through June 30.

Environmental Science, a division of Bayer CropScience LP, has announced the registration and special savings of $6 per case or $1 per 8-ounce bottle on its new, botanical insecticide, Harmonix Insect Spray, now through June 30.

As Bayer’s first botanical solution in the naturals category, Harmonix Insect Spray provides high-impact results with residual control lasting 28 days or longer and delivers a fast knockdown of more than 60 pests, Bayer reports. This solution is made with pyrethrum, a botanical insecticide derived from the chrysanthemum flower. Harmonix Insect Spray is ideal for sensitive accounts, such as schools, health-care facilities and nursing homes, the manufacturer says.

“Our customers need a botanical product that performs, and with Harmonix Insect Spray, they can confidently provide applications without compromising their service efficiency,” said Norman Barclift, marketing manager, general insect control. “The launch of Harmonix Insect Spray is a milestone for Bayer and is a testament to us living our vision of transforming the pest management industry and bringing more effective solutions to the market.”

The concentrate formulation of Harmonix Insect Spray contains 0.5 pounds of pyrethrins per gallon, making for a highly versatile product designed for use both indoors and outdoors, Bayer reports. PMPs can apply the product where pests have been seen, found or can find shelter, plus in and around buildings and structures. Harmonix Insect Spray is also labeled for broadcast or spot treatments to floors, floor coverings, carpets or rugs for flea and tick control, in addition to the knockdown and control of bed bugs, carpenter bees, cockroaches, flies, hornets, pantry pets, spiders and wasps.

“We took the time to study the processes that degrade pyrethrins that are responsible for its not having a residual, not having a good contact activity from dried surface, and we tried to address those challenges with a formulation technology,” said Dr. Byron Reid, Ph.D, senior principle scientist, Environmental Science. “We invested the time and money necessary to get to that point, to make the fundamental discoveries of the formulation technology that would maximize the potential of pyretrhrins to become a good general use insecticide for the industry.”

Harmonix Insect Spray Facts

  • Contains pyrethrins, a botanical insecticide that is derived from the chrysanthemum flower
  • May be tank-mixed with insect growth regulators (essential for flea treatments)
  • Kills fast; kills on contact
  • Kills by residual action (indoors only)
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor residential, commercial and institutional use
  • Indoor: To be applied as a coarse, low-pressure general surface application, spot treatment or crack and crevice spray to areas that pets normally inhabit
  • Outdoor: To be applied as a general surface spray or as a perimeter treatment around residential and non-residential settings
  • Provides control that lasts up to 28 days (indoors only)
  • Delivers fast knockdown on more than 60 pest species
  • Controls bed bugs, carpenter bees, cockroaches, flies, hornets, pantry pests, spiders and wasps
  • Kills most common household insect pests
  • Kills targeted insects you see and those you don’t
  • Non-staining solution
  • Serves as an outdoor barrier treatment
  • Continues killing insects up to one month indoors
  • Re-application treatments may be applied at seven-day intervals

Source: Environmental Science, a division of Bayer CropScience LP