[Cover Story] Annual Ant Control Issue

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PCT's ant control issue includes articles on: Odorous house ants’ ability to adapt; super colonies; ‘nightmare-looking’ Central American ants; ghost ants in the National Zoo; pheromone attractant research findings.

April 16, 2014
PCT Magazine

PCT's ant control issue includes the following features:

Another Man-Made Ant Pest

Researchers from Purdue University say odorous house ants have adapted well to urban and industrial settings. In fact, OHAs are representative of many, if not all, of the new species that we see “popping up” in urban settings.

Super Colonies

Some of the industry’s most serious ant pests have extremely large populations, many nesting sites and queens distributed throughout the nesting sites. Here’s how to treat these “super pests.”

‘Nightmare-Looking’ Ants Identified in Central America

The ants have a menacing appearance, according to the University of Utah biologist who identified the new species.

Is the National Zoo Haunted?

The Smithsonian’s National Zoological Park is occasionally invaded by ghost ants. Learn how experts treated this sensitive account.

Fatal Attraction

The use of an attractant pheromone can maximize the impact of pesticide sprays targeting nuisance ants.