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May 28, 2013
PCT Magazine

BBK Provides Bed Bug Relief

BBK is a totally green bed bug killer that provides immediate relief of bed bugs upon spraying, and is available to the structural PCO market in the United States. It is a clear, non-staining fluid that is applied undiluted by a sprayer set on a “fine mist” setting. BBK is safe for both humans and pets to re-enter 15 minutes after room is vented or 30 minutes after spraying, which means technicians spend less time at each customer location. It is easy to apply, and 1 gallon can treat up to 2,000 square feet (depending on the degree of infestation). Visit www.aatdirectsolutions.com for more information or to place an order with your local sales representative.

Direct Solutions is more than just a product company — instead, we bring together the industry’s widest product line and the very best in sales and technical expertise to make Direct Solutions a trusted member of our customers’ teams. Direct Solutions has 39 locations strategically placed throughout North America with a team of more than 100 professional field representatives to ensure customers the right products for their needs with unsurpassed customer service. Contact us today at 970/292-9000.


Don’t Let Bed Bugs Overwhelm Your Customers!

Pest management professionals have been searching for an effective and economical method of controlling bed bugs and other tough pests where they hide...in cracks, crevices and voids.

Today, pest management professionals have found success with a powerful weapon, a revolutionary application system that fills the void between target pests and effective, economical insecticide delivery.

The Actisol® Compact and Commercial Units, from Environmental Delivery Systems Inc., are high-quality, low-maintenance delivery systems that offer unmatched flushing and kill capability, fewer callbacks and no pre-packaged aerosol can disposal.

Both systems offer adjustable liquid pressure from tiny aerosol-sized particles to a heavy mist and even a solid stream.

These systems have proven successful through their ability to deliver oil-based and water-based formulations, including products not sold in aerosol form, with a 50-70 percent savings over pre-packaged aerosol insecticides depending on material used.

For more information visit www.actisol.com.

Air-Scent® International
All New Technology! FlowCell™ Air Freshener Refills From Air-Scent® International

Totally effective up to 60 days in passive dispensers, 30 days with fan-power option!

Completely sustainable. Wholly recyclable.

Guaranteed not to spill, drip or leak in any position.

How it works:

  1. Air freshener liquid is suspended in a scientifically constructed inner core.
  2. Patent pending Flow Science™ causes liquid to flow consistently from inner core to specially bonded outer wicking surface.
  3. Air freshener fragrance with Metazene® molecular odor neutralizer is diffused into the air at a rate higher than any other competing refill.

FlowCell™ can be used with the patented AEON™ air freshening dispenser in either a passive or battery/fan set-up.

Visit our website at www.airscent.com to view the advantages of the FlowCell™ air freshening system.

Air-Scent® International
290 Alpha Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15238

Zenprox® EC & Zenprox® Aerosol Insecticides with Broad Appeal

Zenprox® EC and Zenprox® Aerosol from Zoëcon Professional Products are two formulations of an insecticide that controls a broad-spectrum of prolific pests such as fleas, bed bugs (adults and newly hatched bed bug nymphs), ants, cockroaches and more!

Zenprox® EC is a concentrate that has a long residual, is non-repellent and is designed for indoor use in both commercial and residential accounts for control of over 25 different insects. It can be highly effective in a tank mix with Gentrol® IGR or Precor® IGR to create a team to help eliminate infestations and keep them from coming back. Zenprox® Aerosol can be used both inside and out in hard-to-reach areas, such as a spot or crack-and-crevice treatment. It is especially effective on bed bugs and is approved for spot treatment to bed frames, box springs and mattresses.

Both Zenprox formulations provide broad-spectrum control and contain Etofenprox, an ether pyrethroid, not the typical ester chemical structure currently on the market. Zenprox ether formulations aid in providing quicker knockdown, greater residual action and versatile broad spectrum control. To learn more about Zenprox® EC and Zenprox® Aerosol visit zoecon.com or call 800/248.7763.

Dust Applications Made Easy With the “Puffer Duster”

Executive Pest Control Products’ “Puffer Duster” now features a new clear-look body designed to let the PMP see the volume of dust/granular inside. The bellows-type Puffer Duster has an easy-to-use, low-tension spring to help alleviate fatigue for the user. It also incorporates an O-ring on the clean-out rod to help seal and prevent escape of air and dust from the back of the Puffer. The plastic safety tip and cap on the barrel helps to prevent a shock hazard when working around electrical outlets, prevents leakage when not in use and is removable to allow for applications with wall injectors or in tight spaces.

For more info contact:

Diversified Sales & Marketing

Executive Pest Control Products Inc.

Effective, Attractive Flytrap From Gilbert Industries

The Gilbert® 2000GT Flying Venus™ flytrap from Gilbert Industries combines beautiful design with industry-leading effectiveness, creating a powerful tool for pest management professionals. The thin 2¾-inch design hugs the wall beautifully, creating an elegant ambiance, while secretly providing 24-hour, non-stop, silent capture of filthy, disease-carrying flies. It goes unrecognized in elegant dining rooms, luxurious hotels and hospital hallways. The 2000GT Flying Venus flytrap comes in four beautiful finishes. It is EPA registered, UL listed, CSA approved and meets FDA and USDA standards.

For more information call 800/643-0400 or visit www.gilbertinc.com.

Hex-Pro® Termite Baiting System

For more than a decade, hexaflumuron, the active ingredient in Shatter® termite bait, which is used in the Hex-Pro® Termite Baiting System, has provided effective, environmentally sensible control of termites. It’s considered environmentally sensible because it uses a minimal amount of Shatter termite bait to treat the termite colony only where termite activity is discovered or expected.

Here’s how the Hex-Pro System works: First, a professional inspection of the home for signs of termites is completed. Then, Hex-Pro termite stations are placed in the soil in prime termite-foraging areas around the property. Hex-Pro termite stations are then monitored regularly for signs of termite activity. When termites are found in the Hex-Pro termite stations, they are transferred to a bait cartridge that replaces the wood monitors. Termites feed on the bait cartridge, which contains Shatter termite bait, and tunnel back to their colony, sending their nestmates back to feed on the bait. Generally, after several weeks, the termite colony declines and eventually is destroyed. After the termites have been controlled, used bait cartridges are replaced with wood monitors. The pest control operator continues to check for signs of new termite activity as long as the service agreement continues. The Hex-Pro® System provides peace of mind for the homeowner.

The active ingredient in Shatter termite bait received registration from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under the Reduced Risk Pesticide Initiative, which is based on: its low impact on human health, low toxicity to birds, fish and plants, and low potential for groundwater contamination compared with other commercially available alternatives.

The Hex-Pro System is a product from Dow AgroSciences — a recognized leader in termite solutions and the first company to develop a monitor/bait system more than 15 years ago. With the visible Hex-Pro termite stations and ongoing monitoring by a pest management professional, homeowners are reassured their homes are protected from subterranean termites. To learn more about the Hex-Pro System or to find a distributor, visit www.pmpresourcecenter.com.

®™Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company (“Dow”) or an affiliated company of Dow.
Always read and follow label directions.

New InVict Xpress Granular Bait and InVict Blitz Ant Granules

Introducing two new granular baits from Rockwell Labs Ltd. Effective and versatile, InVict Xpress and InVict Blitz combine the power of imidacloprid with Rockwell’s cutting edge formulation to give you an “unfair advantage” in the fight against a wide variety of pests.

InVict Xpress is for the user who needs granular bait with lightning fast kill of a broad spectrum of insects like ants, cockroaches, crickets, mole crickets, silverfish, firebrats and earwigs. It is labeled for indoor (including food areas), outdoor and turf use at a rate of 4 to 8 ounces per 1,000 square feet. No personal protective equipment is required. InVict Xpress is available nationwide except in California, and is limited to PCO use only in New York. It is sold in 8-ounce and 4-pound shakers and 25-pound cartons.

InVict Blitz contains the first bait matrix specifically designed for and proven highly attractive to persistent ant species such as tawny/Caribbean/Rasberry crazy, Argentine and big-headed ants. With 0.5 percent imidacloprid, InVict Blitz delivers a sustained, heavy attack directly to the heart of the colony. It is labeled for indoor (including food areas), outdoor, and turf use at a rate of 4 to 8 ounces per 1,000 square feet. No personal protective equipment is required. InVict Blitz is currently available in Texas, Georgia, Louisiana and Florida. It is sold in 1-pound shakers and 20-pound pails.

For more information contact Rockwell directly at 816/283-3167 or www.rockwelllabs.com, or visit your distributor today.

Customize a Solution

The EBB-60KW Trailer Equipment Package from Thermal Remediation® is ideal for the heat treatment of bed bugs in single-family homes, multi-unit apartments, hotel rooms, and multiple dorm rooms simultaneously.

The Thermal Remediation® process relies on three main keys to a successful treatment:

  • Apply heat
  • Move air
  • Monitor and record temperatures

This package’s generator can handle up to six heaters, allowing you to customize a package that can treat up to 2,100 square feet based on 6 to 8 hour treatment times.Treatment strategies allow for larger settings based on how many heaters you choose for your package. Choose between a four-heater package or a six-heater package, choose from two different high-temperature fans, and consider adding the FLIR i7 Thermal Imaging Camera to help identify what is hot vs. what is not in your battle against bed bugs.

For details, pricing, and options on customizing a package to fit your treatment needs call 800/836-7432 or visit www.thermalremediation.com.

The Sentricon® System with Always Active™ Technology

Dow AgroSciences continues to advance the industry by joining today’s emerging technologies with a vision of tomorrow’s needs. Always Active™ technology, the latest innovation to the Sentricon® System, combines new bait technology, annual monitoring and LID (Locate and Identify) technology to give business owners even more power and flexibility.

Recruit® HD termite bait is immediately available to termites in every Sentricon station at installation. As soon as they find the Sentricon station, termites can begin feeding on Recruit HD termite bait and share it with others, beginning the colony elimination process and offering constant property protection from termites.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency granted Dow AgroSciences annual monitoring for Recruit HD termite bait in April 2010. It is an environmentally responsible treatment, so Certified Sentricon Specialists™ of the Sentricon System can meet the growing demand for “green” products that work. Recruit HD termite bait contains a revolutionary bait matrix that extends durability. It also contains 2.3 times more active ingredient than Recruit IV termite bait, more than enough to eliminate a typical termite colony. In termite palatability tests and field trials, Recruit® HD termite bait was preferred over wood, devoured faster than wood and became even more preferable and palatable over time, even when wet, cracked or moldy. It continues to protect no matter the soil conditions, weather or season.

Always Active technology allows Certified Sentricon Specialists the ability to choose the service interval that best fits with their business model. This new technology can help Certified Sentricon Specialists increase route efficiency and reduce labor costs because they are only required to service the Sentricon System annually. When given the choice, homeowners preferred the Sentricon® System with Always Active technology over other treatment options.2

LID technology is a labor-saving enhancement that helps technicians service sites and locate Sentricon stations that may be covered by grass or landscaping. LID technology uses a radio-frequency identification (RFID) sensor in the top cap to give each Sentricon station a unique identity, which saves valuable time when locating and servicing stations.

The Sentricon System with Always Active technology is a unique product, patent pending by Dow AgroSciences, that helps Certified Sentricon Specialists differentiate their offering for a competitive advantage in the marketplace. For more information on the Sentricon System with Always Active technology, contact your Dow AgroSciences account representative or call Dow AgroSciences at 800/352-6776.

1The Sentricon System is designed to limit environmental exposure, and can be removed if desired.
2Jefferson Davis Associates, Inc. 2008
®™Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company (“Dow”) or an affiliated company of Dow. Always read and follow label directions.