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June 25, 2013
PCT Magazine

Manufacturer: Stop Bugging Me Used with ‘Considerable Success’

In the article titled, “Natural Pesticides for Bed Bug Control: Do They Work?” (page 28, March 2013), the authors state, “These products (including Stop Bugging Me) are rarely adopted by PMPs because until present, there has been no scientific data supporting their claims.”

Two independent studies by a highly recognized laboratory documented the success of Stop Bugging Me against five strains of bed bugs with a 100 percent kill rate on contact. Further, Stop Bugging Me may be the only “contact insecticide” with such established laboratory findings.

We found it interesting that in the direct spray bioassay study you published, Stop Bugging Me had a reported 50 percent bed bug mortality even at 10 days. The combination of a 100 percent verified kill rate on contact combined with the reported effectiveness (50 percent) at 10 days makes this a compelling product.

Currently Stop Bugging Me is being used throughout the United States by both consumers and contractors with considerable success. Many major hotels and apartment buildings have reported the control of bed bugs through the use of Stop Bugging Me.

Irv Kraut
Sr. Technical Director
Hygienic Solutions US
Fern Park, Fla.

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