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June 25, 2013
PCT Magazine

Executive Pest Control Products

Executive Pest Control Products’ Puffer Duster now features a new clear look body designed to let PMPs see the volume of product inside. The bellows-type Puffer Duster has an easy-to-use low tension spring to help alleviate fatigue for the user, the manufacturer says. It also incorporates an O-ring on the clean-out rod to help seal and prevent escape of air and dust from the back of the Puffer. The plastic safety tip and cap on the barrel helps to prevent a shock hazard when working around electrical outlets, prevents leakage when not in use and is removable to allow for applications with wall injectors or in tight spaces.

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Nisus Corporation

Nisus Corporation’s Niban Granular Bait is one tool Florida PMPs can use for the control of giant African land snails and other common pests, the firm reports.

Eighteen months after a Miami-Dade County outbreak, the giant African land snail is spreading rapidly, Nisus reports. The snails can carry disease and are a danger to crops, as they consume at least 500 different kinds of plants, and can threaten structures while munching on stucco and concrete, Nisus said.

Nisus reports that Niban is attractive to these pests, and features a borate mineral salt as its active ingredient. The active ingredient is combined with a bait made from corn cob granules mixed with oils, which interferes with the pests’ metabolic ability to break down sugars to extract energy from their food. Niban is a weatherized bait that remains effective in heat, sunlight and 4 inches of rain, Nisus said.

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FMC Professional Solutions

FMC Professional Solutions is offering a new back plate option for its Verifi bed bug detector. PMPs now can hang the detectors securely while still servicing them easily, the firm says. The Verifi back plate is available in packages of 12.

The Verifi back plate can be installed on walls, FMC reports. Once the plate is installed, the activated Verifi unit slides in place for monitoring, and easily slides out for inspection or reactivation. The exposed sides of the back plate employ the same texture as the Verifi devices, so bed bugs can easily climb into the pitfall, whether they move up the device or up the plate, FMC reports.

The Verifi bed bug detector provides continuous detection of bed bugs for up to 90 days. PMPs can use the device for year-round monitoring in many locations.

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Snappypocket is a hanging pouch system that can be used to easily organize items, insecticides and traps on the job. The pockets hang on web belts, ladders or racks and can be un-snapped easily when needed, the firm says. Velcro seals the top of the pouch to prevent items from falling out. Users can easily recognize what is needed for a job by storing items in the four color-coded pockets.

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Rockwell Labs Ltd

CimeXa Insecticide Dust from Rockwell Labs Ltd is now registered in California. It can be used against bed bugs, spiders, fleas, roaches, ants, firebrats, silverfish, mites and drywood termites.

CimeXa is made of 100 percent engineered amorphous silica and is odorless, non-staining, non-repellent and lasts up to 10 years when undisturbed, Rockwell reports. The product destroys the waxy cuticle, causing rapid dehydration and death. With its mode of action, resistance to CimeXa is unlikely, the firm said. CimeXa has an extremely low toxicity profile and is not subject to California Prop 65 regulations, Rockwell says.

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Bird-B-Gone recently introduced Clear Track, a new addition to the Bird Jolt Flat Track line. The Bird Jolt Flat Track System does not harm birds, but instead conditions them to avoid the area, Bird-B-Gone reports. The electric track system features anti-arcing glue trough designs. The Clear Track Bird Jolt Flat Track system provides an aesthetically pleasing solution to bird control problems, Bird-B-Gone said. It is flexible and can be used in any area, flat or curved.

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