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August 16, 2013
PCT Magazine

Envincio’s Mean & Green Promotion runs through Sept. 30. PMPs can earn a $40 cash-back rebate from Envincio when purchasing one case of Adonis 2F (4 x 1 gallon or 2 x 2.15 gallon) or Adonis 75WSP combined with either one case of Essentria IC3 (4 x 1 gallon) or new Essentria All Purpose Insecticide Concentrate (4 x 1 gallon).

Essentria says its new All Purpose Insecticide Concentrate is “the next generation of green.” The product features octopamine blocker technology, broad-spectrum kill and a versatile label, Envincio reports.

To earn the rebate, PMPs need to download the rebate form from the firm’s website, make a qualifying purchase, fill out the form and mail it in.

To celebrate Transport Mikron’s new nationwide expanded label, which includes food-handling and mattress applications, FMC Professional Solutions is offering a $30 rebate for every case (16 1-quart bottles) of Transport Mikron insecticide purchased between now and Nov. 30.

Non-repellent Transport Mikron provides fast-acting, long-lasting control of challenging social insects such as ants and termites because data shows it is transferred from the exposed pest to others within the colony, FMC reports. The patented formulation uses two active ingredients to control roaches, pill bugs, fleas, ticks, stink bugs, pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs and other pests.

For a limited time, PMPs can bundle and save. Liphatech is offering its rodenticides, FirstStrike and Resolv, bundled with the secured bait station, the Aegis-RP Anchor, for one price. This offer is only available through August and includes free shipping. The bundles are being offered at a savings of up to 60 percent off suggested retail prices. Three bundles are available and PMPs should contact their local distributor to place orders. A limited number of these special bundles are available.

“This offer is a true value for PMPs wanting to try soft bait and the Anchor for the first time or those that already appreciate the value of these products and want to stock up before the busy rodent season is upon us,” said Manny Martinez, executive director, Liphatech.

ServSuite Mobile is the newest addition to the ServSuite family of products. It is not just an add-on module, according to Andy Deering, COO, The Service, but a complete companion to the company’s ServSuite web application.

“With the ServSuite Mobile application, PMPs can access the following features of the ServSuite program: synchronize technician schedules, reschedule services, view service/estimate history, perform services, view basic account information and see real-time productivity,” he said.

In addition, ServSuite Mobile is available in multiple platforms and can be accessed easily by a service technician from the following devices: iPad/iPhone, Android tablet/smartphone and the Blackberry tablet. “This money-saving feature gives PMPs access to vital information no matter where they are or what platform or device they have access to,” Deering said.

“With ServSuite Mobile, you or your pest control technician can connect with or without a mobile data connection,” he says. “Plus, you can synchronize in real time with the ServSuite web application, whether in the office or out in the field. You can also choose the level and degree of security for each user. All these features are there to help you with your mobile software needs.”

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Rockwell Labs
InVict Blitz Ant Granules are a new tool now available to help pest management professionals battle non-native tawny crazy ant and other persistent ant species.

Recent research shows that unlike most other ant species, tawny crazy ants show little seasonal food preferences. They have a higher protein-to-carbohydrate preference in their food sources throughout the year, which is an important factor in bait development.

InVict Blitz is the first bait specifically developed for these ants, Rockwell Labs says. The product features a proprietary bait matrix with a protein content higher than other baits, but balanced with carbohydrates to provide an optimal bait they will feed to the colony. InVict Blitz contains 0.5 percent imidacloprid.

InVict Blitz is labeled for use indoors, including food areas, and outdoors, including perimeter and turf applications, and numerous other sites. The application rate is 4 to 8 ounces per 1,000 square feet, and the bait can be re-applied as early as one week after application. No personal protective equipment is required.

InVict Blitz is currently available in Texas, Georgia, Louisiana and Florida and is sold in 1-pound shakers and 20-pound pails.

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