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September 26, 2013
PCT Magazine

Syngenta Professional Pest Management

Syngenta Professional Pest Management announced that Tandem insecticide is now labeled to control bed bugs. With this label update, PMPs have greater flexibility to give their customers a life uninterrupted by the nuisance and worry of bed bugs, Syngenta said.

According to the firm, Tandem provides fast knockdown and long-lasting control of bed bugs. With Tandem’s dual mode of action and long-term control, the product already controls more than 90 other common insects and pests. It is powered by two active ingredients, lambda-cyhalothrin and thiamethoxam. It also is formulated with iCAP technology to ensure quick knockdown and residual control, Syngenta says.

(Manufacturer’s note: PMPs applying Tandem for bed bug control should make sure the bottle they are using has bed bugs on the label when treating for these pests. The new label will carry the new logo shown on the bottle above.)

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Service Pro


Service Pro.net, developers of ServSuite, a pest control software solution, is now offering ServSuite clients advanced service notification emails to use with their customers.

Service notification emails show pest control customers that the service appointment has been planned and a technician assigned, creating a more open line of communication. The advanced service notification emails provide customers with the technician’s photo, name, date hired and qualifications. Having this information allows the customer to feel secure when meeting their service technician during the scheduled appointment, the firm says.

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Innolytics has upgraded the original OvoControl automatic feeder with a new model. The firm says the new feeder reflects the same durability, reliability and efficient design together with new features, including faster assembly, with no tools required; a lock-and-load lid with integrated trail camera mount; and tan color that blends into most areas.

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The technology of ThermalStrike heated luggage is now available as a reusable, portable treatment box designed to rid consumers’ goods of bed bugs while PMPs treat their home.

Using the same infrared heat technology as ThermalStrike luggage, the Expedition is simple to assemble, reusable and collapsible for easy storage, the company said. The 31- by 17- by 21-inch box gives pest control customers continuous protection against bed bugs, the firm says. Operators also can employ the Expedition while performing conventional pest control on a job site. The boxes weigh less than 9 pounds, break down flat and feature dual safety circuits — on a single 110v outlet.

The heat treatment equipment in ThermalStrike Expedition slowly raises the temperature of the container to 125°F to 150°F, killing all stages of bed bugs and eggs in less than eight hours.

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Bayer CropScience

Environmental Science, a division of Bayer CropScience LP, received a letter of acceptance from EPA to add improved directions to the Temprid SC product label. Temprid SC, a broad-spectrum insecticide, offers PMPs control of more than 50 listed pests — including stink bugs, bed bugs, spiders, ants, aphids, mealy bugs and scale insects.

The Temprid label was expanded earlier this year to include improved claims for bed bug control and adding control of brown marmorated stink bugs and kudzu bugs. Improvements also include:

  • Directions for bed bug control now include heat treatment information, nymphal control from residues and directions for treatment of luggage.
  • Outdoor perimeter directions now allow pin-stream applications, to allow treatment of eaves and soffits protected from rainfall, and broader treatment of vertical surfaces as long as they are not above an impervious surface.
  • New occasional invader pests, including brown marmorated stink bugs, kudzu bugs and seed bugs, as well as improved power sprayer directions.

Available as a suspension concentrate, 1 gallon of the product contains 2 pounds of imidacloprid and 1 pound of beta-cyfluthrin. Temprid SC is available in a 400 ml bottle, and is designed for application in and around buildings and structures, as well as on established landscape ornamentals around residential and commercial properties.

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Bird-B-Gone introduced its new Sonic Shield, a device that frightens birds and other unwanted pests away from property using sound and light.

Self-contained and portable, the Sonic Shield operates on four AA batteries and is easily installed in a variety of locations, Bird-B-Gone reports. The device has two modes of operation for around-the-clock deterrence: a daytime mode to repel pests using flashing LED lights and barking dog sounds, and a nighttime mode that repels pests using only the flashing LED lights.

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