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October 17, 2012
PCT Magazine

PCT Conference Set The Record Straight

I am a big believer in the value of webinars and virtual conferences. So, I was quick to sign up for PCT’s Mergers and Acquisitions Virtual Conference held on Aug. 8. I am glad I did. The quality of the content, the qualifications of the presenters and the technical quality of the production far exceeded my expectations.

There are lots of misconceptions among PCOs concerning how businesses should be valued. Chief among those misconceptions relates to how we should grow our businesses and how we would pay for an acquisition if the opportunity came to us.

As we operate our own businesses, many PCOs don’t pay enough attention to pricing strategically. Instead, we tend to price emotionally. Sometimes we don’t spend enough energy on building recurring revenue. When it comes to our financials, we don’t understand the importance of the statement of cash flows, P&Ls, our balance statements, and how those will impact the value of our business if we need to sell (or if we need to buy).

This virtual conference set the record straight on many key issues related to these matters. This conference helped buyers, sellers and those who may find themselves in one of those positions some day.

I commend PCT and all participants for their great work on this conference.

Jeff C. Annis, Advanced Services, Augusta, Ga.

Editor’s note: Did you miss PCT’s Virtual Mergers & Acquisitions Conference? A CD of the five presentations (more than six hours!) is available for just $99. Visit www.pctonline.com/store for more information.

Glad PCT is Not ‘Bad’

I just read Dan Moreland’s July ViewPoint column (“Would ‘Breaking Bad’ Be Good for the Industry?”). I applaud Moreland for the decision to not give permission for this TV show to feature PCT magazine and the reply he sent to Sony Pictures.

I am not surprised by his decision as I have always known Moreland to be a supporter of our industry and through his support he gives us all even more reason to be the best that we can be to our profession, our customers and our communities. I truly appreciate Dan Moreland’s work and efforts on behalf of our industry!

Lonnie Alonso , Columbus Pest Control, Columbus, Ohio


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