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October 18, 2012
PCT Magazine



Tandem insecticide, a new product from Syngenta Professional Pest Management, has been granted EPA registration. Tandem has dual modes of action to control more than 90 indoor and outdoor pests. The formulation and chemistry of Tandem combines lambda-cyhalothrin and thiamethoxam to provide a flexible, broad-spectrum product, the company said.

Tandem is labeled for indoor use for residential, commercial and food-handling areas and outdoor use for perimeter or spot treatments for general pests including ants, crawling insects, flying insects, occasional invaders, pantry pests, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and wasps. Additionally, Tandem has a full turf application label that allows applications in lawn and landscapes to control sucking and chewing turf pests such as grubs and chinch bugs.

Syngenta says the product also provides both contact and residual control, because it is formulated using iCAP technology. Within the formulation, microcapsules of various sizes provide a controlled release for quick knockdown and long-term control, lasting up to four months, without being degraded by environmental conditions, the company said.

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Bell Laboratories


Bell Laboratories’ new Rodent Pest Management (RPM) Guide will bring out the “inner detective” in technicians as it takes a crime scene approach to solving and controlling rodent infestations, the firm reports. The 16-page booklet covers the major areas of rodent pest management, plus the latest information on bait station security, non-toxic pest management and tracking baits.

Designed like a detective’s office, the booklet opens with in-depth profiles of the usual suspects — Norway rats, roof rats and house mice, a.k.a. “The Burrower,” “The Climber” and “The Invader,” respectively — including a full rundown on their biology, behavior and sensory capabilities.

The guide then walks technicians through a thorough inspection of the scene, so they can determine the rodent species involved, the severity of the infestation and high-activity areas. And, of course, there’s the motive — what led to the infestation? Harborage, poor sanitation and a lack of rodent proofing are addressed, along with descriptive photos and ways to correct the problem.

Choosing the right product to control the infestation takes technicians to descriptions of Bell’s baits and formulations, along with key principles to successful baiting. New to this edition is a primer on the tracking additive Lumitrack. The guide is available through Bell distributors and technical sales representatives.

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J. F. Oakes


J. F. Oakes has added a new line of Pro-Pest Synergy Pheromone Lures for flies and stored product insects to its product offerings. The Pro-Pest Synergy Pheromone dispensers are designed to attach to electric fly traps and are pre-baited with muscalure fly pheromone and Combo-2 (Indian meal moth plus muscalure fly pheromone) or Combo-4 stored product insect (Indian meal moth, cigarette beetle, warehouse/khapra beetles plus muscalure fly) pheromones. Each individual lure comes in a color-coded packet that allows the PMP, QA professional or inspector to readily identify the pest being targeted by the lures. Pro-Pest Synergy Pheromone lures may be used in food-processing plants, food storage warehouses, restaurants, pet stores, barns, zoos and anywhere lighted fly glue traps or electric fly killers are used.

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Service Pro


Service Pro developers of ServSuite, is now offering ServBasic for free. Pest control business owners and operators can use ServBasic for their first 500 clients for free. Once a company goes beyond its 500th customer, it pays $39 per month for two users and an unlimited number of customers. Pest control businesses get the full functionality, including the ServBasic interface, customer information, calendar feature and customer support.

When the company needs a more robust software, conversion to ServSuite (Service Pro’s enterprise pest industry product) will be free.

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Over the past two years, FMC Professional Solutions has been enhancing its granular product line. First, FMC added zeta-cypermethrin to its bifenthrin granular product, creating Talstar Xtra for enhanced speed and broad-spectrum protection. Then, it introduced Verge granule technology on its Talstar EZ product. Now, FMC says all of the “Xtras” come standard in one granular product — and at no additional cost — with the introduction of Talstar Xtra granular insecticide featuring Verge Granule Technology.

The new product combines the fast and long-term power of Talstar Xtra with the Verge granule’s many performance benefits, including a more uniform product distribution and less dust, the company said. For those who prefer a sand-core granule, Talstar PL and Talstar Xtra on Sand are also available.

A clay-based granule developed exclusively for FMC, Verge breaks down quickly to release the active ingredient and disappear into the landscape, FMC explained, adding that the new formulation is virtually dust- and odor-free and reduces exposure during application. Verge granule technology was developed by Oil-Dri Corporation, a micro-particles and mineral processor.

Talstar Xtra is labeled for a broad spectrum of surface-feeding pests, including fire ants, Caribbean crazy ants, billbugs, chinch bugs, earwigs, scorpions, fleas and ticks. It is labeled for use on turf around residential, institutional, public, commercial and industrial buildings; parks, recreation areas and athletic fields; and can be used for perimeter, broadcast or mound treatments. Talstar Xtra is not a restricted use product.

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For the humane capture of pest birds or small wildlife, Nixalite now offers the Net-Zooka. Powered by a 16-gram CO2 container, the net launcher can shoot the capture net up to 60 feet. Four different net sizes are offered to enable trapping wildlife of many sizes and is proven safe indoors and out, the company said. The nets also can be repacked and reused.

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Mars Air Systems


Mars Air Systems is preparing to reveal a new facelift: all Mars Air Curtains have been redesigned, re-engineered and revamped for the new season. The Series 2 line-up includes slimmer units, updated colors and a sleek new design for everything from a drive-thru window to a lobby entrance to warehouse loading dock doors. The air curtains protect any size opening while reducing overall energy consumption and maintaining quality control inside the building, the firm says.

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Brother Mobile Solutions


Brother Mobile Solutions, a provider of products for the mobile workforce, has completed Motorola Solutions’ Independent Hardware Vendor (IHV) Co-Validation Program for the Pocket Jet and MPrint printers. These products are tested for interoperability with Motorola mobile computers and have obtained the necessary regulatory approvals.

As a compatible Motorola Solutions IHV vendor, Brother Mobile Solutions will make its mobile printing hardware available to channel partners, resellers and end users. Featured printers include the PocketJet, with 8½- by 11-inch output, and the MPrint, a portable, small-format printer. IHV Program products are sold by Motorola Solutions’ channel partners or hardware vendors.

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