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October 18, 2012
PCT Magazine

Hands Off My Lunch

There’s one kind of workplace pest that you may have had experience with — and no, it isn’t an insect. We’re talking the pest who steals your lunch from the office fridge.

Well, now you can fight fire with fire, if you will. Fred & Friends (www.fredandfriends.com), purveyors of a variety of fine novelty products, offer Lunch Bugs Sandwich Bags, “sandwich bags with a skittery surprise.” The bags are emblazoned with an image of a cockroach and potential sandwich-swiping rapscallions will no doubt recoil in fear when seeing your delicious turkey-on-rye crawling with an unexpected ingredient. “Yuck,” the thief will say, rebuffed by your defense. “Yum,” you will say, as you enjoy your sandwich later on.

Feel free to enjoy your sandwich with another Fred & Friends creation: Chillipedes Ice Trays, to “give your glass a dose of gross.” Simply fill these green trays with water, as you would a regular ice cube tray, stick it in the freezer, and later on you’ll have long, caterpillar-shaped ice cubes to keep your drink cool and refreshing. But don’t be stingy – these you can share with your coworkers.

Who said bugs can’t be delicious?


PCT Political Coverage:

Romney Roach Beats Obama Roach

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. – The atmosphere was electric with excitement as two Giant Hissing Madagascar cockroaches, three times the size of ordinary cockroaches, left the starting gate of a six-foot long, Plexiglas “race track” for the 16th running of the famed New Jersey Cockroach Derby in August.

The designated “Mitt Romney” cockroach, representing the Republican Presidential candidate, broke away from the starting line swiftly while the incumbent “Barack Obama” cockroach lagged behind for about 10 seconds until halfway through the race when it made an effort to catch up. By then it was too late, as the “Romney” cockroach surged across the finish line to the shouts of an audience of pest management professionals.

“I am not saying that the race can actually predict the outcome of the national elections,” said Leonard Douglen, executive director of the New Jersey Pest Management Association. “But in 2008, it was the Obama cockroach that won the race.”

The event was held during the 65th Annual New Jersey Pest Management Association Clinic, a full day of seminars on various aspects of pest control, sponsored by the Association and held on the Cook College campus of Rutgers University in New Brunswick. More than 600 PMPs attended lectures by some of the nation’s leading pest management authorities.


New Look for Chuck

What sort of restaurant establishment would willingly invite a rodent to feast on its fare? We can only think of one: Chuck E Cheese’s.

Over the summer, the child-favorite pizza proprietor made the decision to give its mascot a makeover — gone is the skateboard-ready Chuck of old, with his fingerless gloves, elbow pads and backwards ballcap. The new look sees Chuck with a low-hanging electric guitar slung over his shoulders, jeans, Converse sneakers and mussed hair (or fur?)

Whether or not the new Chuck means tangible, financial benefits for the restaurant chain has yet to be seen. The new mascot was launched over the summer, and responses surveyed from around the Internet (most notably Chuck E. Cheese’s official Facebook page, where the new design was debuted) have been decidedly mixed.

“At least keep the CAP!” writes one Chuck E. Cheese Facebook fan. “That would make you look more like the Chuck E. we all know and love.” Other fans welcomed the change. “When I was growing up, Chuck E. Cheese wore a bowler hat and smoked cigars. I’m glad they got rid of the dorky helmet and knee-pad wearing creep.”