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October 23, 2013
PCT Magazine

Bayer CropScience

Environmental Science, a division of Bayer CropScience, announced the registration of a bag-on-valve insecticide, Temprid ReadySpray. Temprid ReadySpray can be applied at all angles with its bag-on-valve technology, completely empties after its use and does not release a propellant or emit odors. The product provides a residual of up to six months for bed bug control and provides control of a broad spectrum of pests indoors and outdoors, including spiders, ants and flies, Bayer says. Its dual mode of action kills bed bugs resistant to pyrethroid insecticides, in addition to bed bug eggs.

Temprid ReadySpray’s dual mode of action is designed for residential and commercial use, both indoors and outdoors, as a crack or crevice injection or spot treatment for more than 50 pests. According to Bayer, Temprid ReadySpray will not damage paints, plastics, fabrics or other surfaces, and does not require pumping prior to application. Capable of reaching pests from a distance of 10 to 12 feet, the product provides an even, controlled spray pattern and does not lose pressure as the can empties, Bayer says. No personal protective equipment is required during use. Temprid ReadySpray does not contain chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) or other ozone-depleting substances.

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Trece’s Storgard Quick-Change Broad Spectrum moth and beetle monitoring systems are now available. The new Storgard Quick-Change Dome was behaviorally modified and precision engineered to retain key features of the original while incorporating key structural and behavioral features into a new Quick-Change Snugfit lure and trapping system, Trece says.

To broaden the attractive spectrum while enhancing the synergy of key pheromones with the trap design, a new kairomone lure has been added to complement the oil-based kairomone lure, Trece says. The system is carefully tuned to manage and control the release of each pheromone and kairomone compound, the company says. The system also enhances precision targeting of key insects while providing broad spectrum capture of less evident insects. It also allows flexibility to install, maintain and rebait, according to the firm.

The new Quick-Change Ultra-Combi moth and beetle adhesive traps are prebaited with controlled-release pheromone (P) and kairomone (K) lures installed in the traps. The traps capture confused and red flour beetles, cigarette beetles, Khapra and warehouse beetles, and 25 others.

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Anstar Products

Anstar Products has released its Fieldwork Mobile Android app in the Google Play store, capable of full-page wireless printing via Bluetooth technology, using the supported Brother Mobile printer, the company announced.

The new release was packaged with an update for the Apple iOS Fieldwork Mobile app, and a major overhaul of the Web-based pest management software, Fieldwork.

The Web-based Fieldwork software update includes a new design, calendar and scheduling improvements, customer import and export options, route mapping and the ability to print turn-by-turn directions. The Fieldwork Mobile iOS and Android Applications display five rolling days of service tickets, customer contact information and service locations. Technicians also can track both material usage and target pests.

The mobile applications have features such as customer/technician signature capture, email delivery of service reports, barcode scanning and mobile printing. The web-based software solution and mobile applications work together seamlessly to provide an integrated software solution for business owners and field technicians, Anstar says.

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P+L Systems


BaitSafe is a new product to complement or replace conventional methods of surface baiting. It is a discreet bait applicator that offers the flexibility to target a wide range of pests and allows instant access to where pests live and breed. Secure and fixed, BaitSafe can’t be moved, emptied or accessed by anyone but the pest management professional, the company says, ensuring that access and monitoring is controlled and protected. Passersby won’t even notice the clean white, flush-to-wall fixture, the manufacturer reports. It can be installed into ceilings, walls, flat roofed areas, eaves, between floors and more.

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Bird-B-Gone introduced its new Sonic Shield, a device that frightens birds and other unwanted pests away from property using sound and light.

Self-contained and portable, the Sonic Shield operates on four AA batteries and is easily installed in a variety of locations, Bird-B-Gone reports. The device has two modes of operation for around-the-clock deterrence: a daytime mode to repel pests using flashing LED lights and barking dog sounds, and a nighttime mode that repels pests using only the flashing LED lights.

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Tick Box Technology

Tick Box Technology Corporation’s Select TCS Tick Control System is now registered in 23 states (and the District of Columbia). To control ticks and reduce the risk of Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections, the Tick Boxes treat the primary hosts of the disease — chipmunks and white-footed mice — with a small dose of fipronil. The ticks are killed during the critical larval and nymph stages when they contract the Lyme bacteria and other tick-borne diseases from small rodents, the company says. Additionally, the child-resistant product is EPA approved and harmless to rodents and wildlife, the firm says.

According to Tick Box Technology, the Select TCS bait box technology was developed, tested and proven to be 97 percent effective by scientists and researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in collaboration with its manufacturer. It is registered in Vermont, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina, Wisconsin, District of Columbia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Virginia, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Delaware, Tennessee, Arizona, New York, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Connecticut. Additional states are expected to be registered in coming months.

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Cantags, developed by family-owned Chytka Pest Control of Roseburg, Ore., are easy on/off, weatherproof PVC tags that are attached to pesticide sprayers with the chemical name, EPA number and QR code, which applicators can scan on a smartphone to download a product’s label and MSDS.

The product was developed because of the company’s focus on employee safety. Finding a better solution for the “What’s-inside-the-tank dilemma” was a longtime goal of 30-year industry veteran and company founder Steve Chytka, and it provided son Brandon and Chris with the idea for the invention of Cantags. “With so many different products, often it is easy to forget what was mixed in the tanks,” Chris Chytka says. “In the past the only way to tell was to open the tank and smell, and that is something that shouldn’t be done. Today with so many odorless products and companies with several employees, nearly every applicator has been faced with the question, ‘What is inside this sprayer?’”

In addition to helping technicians better distinguish/manage their products, Cantags can help pest management professionals limit their liability should a spill occur because first responders (e.g., firemen, hazmat workers) can more easily asses the hazard and threat to the public.

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Termatrac has launched an exchange program for its T1r termite detection device with its new T3i model that offers new improved features and replaces the T1r as the company’s flagship product.

The new T3i features three detection technologies in one device, with advanced radar capabilities and thermal and moisture sensors, providing pest control operators and home inspectors with the ability to detect termite infestations, Termatrac says.

Termatrac ended sales of T1r (which used radar to precisely detect the location of termites) on June 30, but will continue support until Sept. 30, 2014. The company is offering a T3i-for-T1r Exchange Program with discounting and payment plans.

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Pest Barrier

Manufacturer Pest Barrier says Univar USA has agreed to distribute Pest Barrier’s Cimi-Shield “green bed bug eliminator” to help arm pest management professionals in their fight against bed bugs.

Cimi-Shield, a water-soluble concentrate that kills bed bugs on contact, is applied with a pump sprayer. Made with residulen, a soybean extract, Cimi-Shield delivers 12 months of residual pest protection in cracks and crevices and on textile surfaces such as mattresses and box springs, carpet and drapes, and furniture, the company says.

Cimi-Shield meets guidelines established by the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA), Section 25(b). Such products are exempt from pesticide registration by EPA and are made from all GRAS (generally regarded as safe) ingredients.

Cimi-Shield is non-toxic, non-staining, odorless and hypoallergenic. The environmentally friendly product is available in two formulations: Cimi-Shield Knockout (which is engineered for active infestations) and Cimi-Shield Protect (which prevents initial infestations), Pest Barrier says.

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Great Leap Studios

Great Leap Studios, an SEO and content marketing company, announced the addition of several pest control marketing options for pest control companies and PMPs.

Great Leap Studios has been offering pest control SEO for several years, writing content and developing websites for pest control and other home service industries. GLS has offered complete content marketing services, running an entire SEO campaign to ensure effective lead generation.

After discussing some of the problems and needs of those trying to start a website in the pest control industry, Great Leap Studios is expanding its offerings. The firm is now offering new website partnerships, free website analysis and contract-free, low-cost monthly service plans to better suit the needs of pest control companies looking to break into the online marketing world, the firm says.

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Arborjet announced a new botanical insecticide, Eco-Mite, for use against mites and other pests plaguing indoor and outdoor plants. Eco-Mite is derived from organic botanical oils and extracts; kills and repels target pests; is non-toxic to people and pets; and works quickly, the manufacturer says.

Eco-Mite is available as a 32-ounce ready-to-use spray, 1-quart concentrate and 1-gallon concentrate. Eco-Mite is a part of Arborjet’s array of products created with eco-friendliness in mind, the firm says. Eco-Mite controls mites, eggs and nymphs, as well as aphids, mealybugs, scale crawlers, thrips and whiteflies.

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