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November 30, 2012
PCT Magazine

J. F. Oakes


J. F. Oakes new Pro-Pest Bed Bug Monitors contain an attractant made from aggregation semio-chemicals that mimic the scent of human skin. Bed bugs are naturally drawn to a pesticide-free monitor, the company said, adding that with the Pro-Pest Bed Bug Monitor, detection is quick and treatment can begin immediately. The monitors contain a heat-stable glue formulation that will not run and can be used in locations such as hotels, apartments, dorm rooms, cruise ships, in luggage while traveling, under cushions, behind furniture and along baseboards.

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Cleaning up after pest birds is a constant and expensive job, and Birdbuffer says it can help cut costs with its products.

Among the benefits, BirdBuffer reports its products can help cut clean-up costs, reduce corrosive degradation of equipment and buildings, remove health exposure problems and more.

The BirdBuffer Q2 is designed to protect from unwanted birds, and is especially effective for pigeon control, the company said. The BirdBuffer Q2 can be hung with cables or can be placed on a roof, and operates with a special grape concentrate, the company said.

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Service Pro


Service Pro is partnering with Element Payment Services to integrate a secure and cost-effective payment option into its ServSuite software, the firm reports.

The company said ServSuite clients can now accept payments through an easy-to-use and reliable processing method. Element’s Express Processing Platform supports all types of payment card transactions and alows customers to easily comply with PCI DSS requirements.

Providing Service Pro’s customers with a secure means to accept credit card payments has always been a priority for the firm, company representatives report.

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Coxreels has introduced its Brawny upgrade, available for its hand-crank and motorized 1125 series hose reel. The new feature is an added option that strengthens the discs and the drum, preventing potential damage under increased pressure usage, Coxreels reports.

The Brawny option includes the same features and benefits of its 1125 series with the addition of structural reinforcement. The Brawny reels are designed with 10-gauge steel plates welded to each disc to keep them from bowing. The center drum is thickened and upgraded from the standard 16-gauge to 14-gauge steel to prevent deformation and eventual crushing of the drum that can be caused by hose pressure. The Brawny option is ideal for anywhere high-pressure hoses are used, Coxreels said.

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Meyer Industries


Meyer Industries recently introduced the Rodenator Pest Elimination System, a burrowing rodent control system. The system delivers an underground shockwave to dispatch burrowing rodents and collapse their tunnel systems. The system targets burrowing pests without rodenticides or trapping, and is not dependent on external conditions.

A wand is used to shoot a mixture of oxygen and propane gas into a rodent hole for 60 to 90 seconds. Then another button on the wand is pressed, igniting a spark into the mixture, creating a precision underground shockwave. The animals are extinguished and the tunnel system is collapsed, the company explained.

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