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December 28, 2012
PCT Magazine

Product Promotion

Control Solutions


Now through Dec. 31, 2012, Control Solutions Inc. (CSI) is offering PMPs two opportunities to save on Taurus SC. PMPs can earn a $20 Visa gift card for each 78-ounce bottle of Taurus SC purchased. A completed redemption form with a copy of the qualifying invoice must be submitted to Control Solutions by Jan. 17, 2013, to receive a rebate. For more information on this rebate or to obtain a redemption form, visit http://bit.ly/V7LeSB.

PMPs can earn one free 20-ounce bottle of Taurus SC with the qualifying purchase of at least three bottles on one invoice. The distributor/retailer will provide the free goods at the time of purchase. For more information on this promotion, visit http://bit.ly/U5gjKR.

Purchases must be made from an authorized CSI distributor. Only licensed pest management professionals qualify for either promotion.

For more information on these promotions, visit the Taurus SC page at www.controlsolutionsinc.com.


Bell Laboratories


Bell Laboratories introduced its first soft bait, Final Soft Bait with Lumitrack. The bait is a new rodenticide formulation containing a carefully balanced matrix of proteins and fats that delivers excellent results, the firm says.

Final Soft Bait offers fast acceptance and sustained palatability, and works for long-term applications, particularly in situations where rodents are accustomed to fatty or oily diets, Bell reports. The active ingredient, brodifacoum, quickly goes to work. Final is formulated to hold up in extreme hot and cold temperatures.

Final Soft Bait also contains Lumitrack, a special additive that aids PMPs in identifying and tracking rodents by making rodent feces glow under UV lighting.

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J.F. Oakes


X-Lure (Ready to Use) Combo-04 Stored Product Insect traps now list the stored product insects being monitored on the outside of each trap, J.F. Oakes reports. The visibility of this information will assist PMPs, quality control managers and independent inspectors when determining which stored product insects are being monitored with the trap.

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Rockwell Labs


Rockwell Labs announced the addition of two new granular baits: InVict Xpress and InVict Blitz Mega Colony Bait.

InVict Xpress provides fast kill of a broad spectrum of insects like ants, cockroaches, crickets, mole crickets, silverfish, firebrats and earwigs. The product’s bait matrix is attractive to insects, and features 0.5 percent imidacloprid, Rockwell Labs reports.

InVict Blitz Mega Colony Bait was developed to fight mega colony and persistent ants species such as Argentine, Caribbean, Rasberry crazy and big-headed ants. The InVict Blitz bait matrix is designed to be attractive to these and other ant species, and delivers a sustained attack to the heart of a colony, the company said.

Both baits are approved for indoor, outdoor and turf use, and neither require personal protective equipment. These baits will be available for purchase in January 2013.

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Tick Box Technology


Tick Box Technology announced its Select TCS Tick Control System. The product is EPA-approved and kills ticks during the critical larval and nymph stage, the company reports.

Ticks contract Lyme disease-causing bacteria during this stage, and other infections from small rodents like chipmunks and mice. The Select TCS bait box technology was developed, tested and proven by scientists and researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and collaborating manufacturers, the firm reports.

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FieldAware introduced a new service management interface that provides users with a way to manage their operations throughout the day.

The new product, the Navigator, eliminates the need to switch back and forth between job functions as it provides a single console view for scheduling, dispatching and tracking of all field service jobs. The firm estimates that Navigator can increase productivity by 20 percent. The interface allows users to view jobs by GPS location, provides one-click access to job details, and much more, the company says.

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BASF has introduced its new Termidor Foam insecticide and termiticide, a ready-to-use foam in a convenient, pressurized can, giving PMPs the same reliable control found in other Termidor products, the manufacturer says.

Termidor Foam is ideal for spot treatments in wall voids and is effective on termites, ants and other listed pests, including ant problems both on- and off-structure, BASF said.

The product fulfils the localized interior component of a PerimeterPLUS Exterior Perimeter/Localized Interior (EP/LI) treatment. Termidor Foam is another key component to an effective termite and ant elimination strategy, BASF said.

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Coxreels announced that all of its ½-inch 1125 series hose reels now come standard equipped with zinc-plated plumbing. The protective properties of zinc are intended for a wide array of applications requiring oxidation prevention.

The firm says the zinc-plated ½-inch models are designed with all of the features of the 1125 series, including an easily accessible swivel with Nitrile seals; a sturdy, one-piece, all-welded frame base; low-profile outlet riser; and an open drum slot to provide a non-crimping, smooth wrap.

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Service Pro


Service Pro.com has partnered with Brother International Corporation and Datalogic to create a complete mobility solution for pest control businesses, the company reports.

With service technicians able to connect to ServSuite on Datalogic handheld units and print service reports and invoices using Brother’s portable printing solution, pest control companies can perform a complete service call more efficiently, the company said. The mobile versions of ServSuite first made its debut on Windows Mobile 6.5 devices, particularly the Datalogic handheld devices. With the emergence of smartphones and tablets, ServSuite Mobile was created with the smartphones and tablets in mind. 

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Xcluder Geo is a patented geotextile designed to form an impenetrable barrier against burrowing pests, and was recently installed to protect the African Burial Ground National Monument in New York City, the manufacturer reports.

Xcluder Geo’s fiber-based geotextile prevents rats and other pests from digging beneath the ground while allowing grass and other plants to grow unhindered. The product uses coarse stainless steel fibers to create an invisible force against pests without chemicals, the company says.

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Pocomos has launched a software management system designed to meet the demands of pest management professionals, offering paperless transactions, ease of use and the ability to have control over reporting through a customizable interface, the company said.

Pocomos says its system provides a cross-platform solution that is mobile and tailored for each individual company that uses it and that its web-based software gives its users the ability to receive live updates on a route or add a service to an existing account from any web-enabled device.

Pocomos breaks down reporting so a user can decide to run analysis by ZIP code, technician, type of treatment administered or other information, the company says. The software can improve communication, operations and efficiency, the firm reports.

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Pestnet Media


Pestnet Media has set out to assist pest control businesses in their needs for online branding and Web marketing services.

Pestnet Media specializes in four crucial areas of Web marketing to deliver a comprehensive service to pest management professionals looking to grow their businesses online. These include online press distribution, search engine optimization, social media consulting and online reputation management.

Pestnet provides a range of practical tools that allows pest management professionals to be found on the Internet by potential new customers, the company said.

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Kelly Products


Kelly Products is now making Knowtify, its data mining tool for EPA and state pesticide data, available for free 90-day evaluations. The Knowtify free-trial program is open to qualified regulatory officers, brand managers, product developers and sales professionals directly involved in the U.S. pesticide marketplace.

EPA and state agriculture databases house details on every U.S. pesticide product, and Knowtify turns that data into usable business intelligence. A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution accessed through standard web browsers, Knowtify gives subscribers the ability to conduct on-demand searches of virtually any aspect of regulated pesticide products, and to be notified automatically of any new information regarding products or active ingredients.

Knowtify can support regulatory officers, assist product developers, aid brand managers and help sales professionals, according to Kelly Products.

The free 90-day trial is available to qualified professionals in any company actively involved in the U.S. pesticide market and provides access to all Knowtify searches and features, as well as a product expert who provides live, remote assistance for orientation to best uses according to individual needs.

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FMC Corporation


Transport Mikron insecticide recently received supplemental labeling from EPA to control bed bugs on mattresses and inside empty luggage, FMC Corporation announced.

For infested mattresses, linens must be removed and washed before reuse. Transport Mikron should be applied to tufts, seams, folds and edges until moist, and should be allowed to dry before making the bed, FMC said. For luggage, all clothing and other articles must be removed before application.

The supplemental label allows PMPs to apply Transport Mikron in most areas of a bedroom when there is evidence of bed bugs, the firm reports. With this supplemental label, pest management professionals can now use Transport Mikron for nearly all of their pest treatment needs, FMC says.

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