[2012 Technician of the Year Awards] Honoring the Industry’s Finest

Features - 2012 Technician of the Year Awards

December 28, 2012
Dan Carrothers

BASF Pest Control Solutions has always taken great pride in developing products and services designed to advance the pest management industry and enhance the work experience of the industry’s frontline service personnel.

Whether it’s introducing general insect control products designed to reduce callbacks, thereby enhancing technician productivity, or developing a cutting-edge new termiticide like Termidor® H•E High Efficiency Termiticide Copack with Termidor® HE Technology, which preserves valuable natural resources and reduces the amount of time and labor required to perform a traditional termite treatment, BASF is committed to the kind of product innovation that makes a tangible difference in the lives of service technicians, while providing a significant return on investment for PMPs.

In the following pages, we hope you enjoy learning more about this year’s winners — Colby McCarty, Javier Rodriguez and David Hicks — as well Termidor HE Copack, the latest in a long line of product innovations from BASF Pest Control Solutions. We’re proud to recognize these talented industry professionals, for it is at the technician level where “the rubber meets the road,” separating the truly great pest control service organizations from the average ones. Here’s a brief “snapshot” of each of this year’s winners.

With a thirst to learn every aspect of pest management, including IPM, Colby McCarty of ABC Home & Commercial Services, is well-deserving of this year’s Residential Technician of the Year award. McCarty, who began working in pest control at 15, has the resume of a pest management professional in his 50s, yet he is not yet 30.

By tailoring service programs to the expectations of each individual inspector he deals with, Javier Rodriguez of Myers/Massey Services, goes the extra mile to ensure standout service and is worthy of being PCT’s Commercial Technician of the Year. Rodriguez, who has worked as a technician for more than 30 years, is a skilled communicator and tactician which have allowed him to excel at servicing challenging food-processing accounts.

With more than 20 years of experience, David Hicks, PCT’s Termite Technician of the Year, understands termites (and how to control them) inside and out. Hicks, a leader at Bug Out Service, has trained and mentored hundreds of new technicians and he is the company’s “go to” technician when it comes to experimenting with and introducing new termite technology, whether its inspection equipment or products.

This year’s Technicians of the Year should be applauded for the passion they share for the pest control industry and the commercial and residential clients BASF ultimately serves. We admire their accomplishments and are proud to recognize them in this special Technician of the Year editorial supplement.


Dan Carrothers
Business Unit Manager
BASF Pest Control Solutions