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October 16, 2009

Dow AgroSciences
Dow AgroSciences has received federal registration from the EPA for Recruit HD termite bait, a new durable bait for the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System. Recruit HD contains noviflumuron, the same active ingredient used in Recruit IV termite bait for the Sentricon System, but is contained in a special bait matrix that extends durability. Each station for the Sentricon System featuring Recruit HD is baited during installation and remains baited as long as a service contract is maintained.

Recruit HD is durable because it is 30 percent comprised of a cellulose based polymer, the company reports. But because it’s cellulose-based, there is no compromise in its palatability to subterranean termites. Each Recruit HD bait device contains 150 g of a noviflumuron-based bait — enough bait to eliminate an average size colony, Dow AgroSciences reports. Extensive lab and field trials have demonstrated the bait’s palatability and ability to eliminate termite colonies.

Dow AgroSciences is working with Sentricon System Authorized Operators this fall to begin introducing property owners to the Sentricon System featuring Recruit HD.
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BASF Pest Control Solutions
BASF Pest Control Solutions has introduced Prescription Treatment brand CyhaloCap CS for extended, broad spectrum control of structural pests. According to BASF, the active ingredient in CyhaloCap CS, lambda-cyhalothrin, provides effective control and quick activity on structural pests. CyhaloCap CS is an easy-to-use, dilutable spray containing BASF’s proprietary SmartCap microencapsulation technology, which enhances the residual life of the active ingredient, the company reports.

CyhaloCap CS controls more than 50 pests and can be used in and around a variety of locations including homes, hotels, commercial food-handling areas and supermarkets. The SmartCap microencapsulated technology used in CyhaloCap CS has proven performance on surfaces such as concrete, mulch and high-organic matter areas, according to BASF. CyhaloCap CS kills a broad spectrum of pests including ants, cockroaches, centipedes, flies and spiders. It offers a broad-label residual spray. Additionally, BASF offers support and training for the product.
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Bell Laboratories
Bell Laboratories introduces its newest bait to control rats and mice, Formus, with the powerful single-feed, second-generation anticoagulant, brodifacoum. Specifically developed to appeal to mice, Formus is formulated in an economical 15g Blox with its active ingredient at 0.0025 percent, half the concentration of conventional brodifacoum baits, yet strong enough to control mice with lower risk to non-target animals.

Decreasing the amount of toxicant in Formus grew out of Bell’s work in developing bait for sensitive island rat-eradication projects around the world. The company said it found that reduced levels of brodifacoum were equally effective and posed less risk to non-target animals and less risk of secondary toxicity. Formus meets EPA’s single-feed guidelines that require a rodenticide to kill after only 24 hours of exposure to the bait. Its advanced preservation system also reduces the risk of mold and mildew and it is melt resistant to 170°F, the company reports.
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Bayer Environmental Science
Bayer Environmental Science has launched Maxforce Quantum, a new ant bait designed to remain effective for up to three months — from one quarterly service visit to the next, the company says. Maxforce Quantum’s long-lasting residual also is designed to deliver high-performance results while maintaining the effective, low-impact pest control pest management professionals expect of Maxforce and require for sound IPM programs, according to the manufacturer. Maxforce Quantum’s broad spectrum control is effective against many ant species, including Argentine, odorous house, Pharaoh, ghost, crazy and black garden.

The company says Quantum’s extended residual is supported by its hydroscopic formula, which retains moisture after traditional gel baits dry out. In addition, in many outdoor environments, Quantum will actually absorb moisture, the company says. Formulated with a low dose of imidacloprid, Quantum attracts ants with its “Simply Irresistible” bait matrix and features the exclusive Domino Effect, a delayed action kill whereby foraging ants bring the bait back to the mound and feed it to the queen(s) and larvae.
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Wildlife Control Supplies
The Sparrow Sled from WCS is designed to be a unique hanging trap ideal for high-traffic areas such as “big box” stores or agricultural settings such as cattle barns. Its size (24 inches by 13 inches by 13 inches) allows for a large catch capacity within the two-chamber trap, and several features exclusive to the Sparrow Sled will strengthen its appeal, even for the most cautious customers, the company says. The trap features two passive one-way doors that allow sparrows to move only in one direction, into the trap. There are two one-way doors, one at the opening of each chamber. The entry chamber, or “parlor,” should be heavily baited with seed and pieces of bread for eye appeal, the company says. Separating the entry chamber from the second chamber (or holding chamber) is an interior funnel that entices the birds to progress into the holding chamber where adequate food and water is provided. Once in this holding chamber the birds will no longer be able to enter the parlor. Water is contained within two water bottles (provided). A cleanout door in the back of the holding chamber allows for easy removal of the captured birds.

With food and water within the trap the sparrows will be kept hydrated and fed, the company says, however, the Sparrow Sled should be checked frequently for removal of captured birds.
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Internet Center for
Wildlife Damage Management
In its continuing goal to provide a complete listing
of wildlife damage management instructional
materials, the Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management announced copies of “The Fifth Eastern Wildlife Damage Control Conference Proceedings” are available. The 225-page, 8.5- by 11-inch publication provides research-based information on the management of wildlife damage.
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J.T. Eaton
J.T. Eaton has reintroduced its Top Loader station as a tamper-resistant unit. According to the company, new baffles make the unit tamper-resistant, and the manufacturer offers the baffles separately (No. 902BAF) for use in existing bait stations as a retrofitting measure.

The new Top Loader units still hold up to 12 ounces of Bait Block Rodenticide, J.T. Eaton says, however, its optional Top Loader Liquid Feeder Bottle holds up to 16 ounces of liquid bait, and is easy to remove and reinsert for refilling. The ability to use Top Loaders not only as bait block stations, but for liquid baits as well, vastly increases the chance of attracting rodents, the company says. The new Top Loader model is available in black (No. 902), and soon will ship in sandstone (No. 902SS) and slate gray (No. 902SG).
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Woodstream Corporation
Woodstream Corporation has introduced Victor Multi-Kill Brand Blocks with difenacoum, the first new EPA-approved rodenticide active for the U.S. market in more than 12 years, the company says. Multi-Kill is designed to be a powerful single-feed second-generation anticoagulant that kills rodents in three to five days. Vitamin K is the antidote. Its unique active difenacoum provides reduced risk and superior performance, according to Woodstream. The company says Multi-Kill is four times less toxic to dogs then bromadiolone but two times more toxic to mice according to EPA risk assessment data. Difenacoum may be new to the U.S. market but it has been the primary rodenticide active for European pest professionals for years due to its performance and excellent toxicity profile, according to Woodstream. Multi-Kill (model M2030) is available in 18-pound buckets of 1-ounce blocks. Multi-Kill is registered for use in 47 states (registration in New York, Massachusetts and Florida submitted for and pending).
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ClockPoint Kiosk is a new software program that allows office staff to clock in and out on the JobClock System, a time and attendance system designed for use in the field. ClockPoint Kiosk turns any PC, notebook or netbook running Windows XP or Vista into a real-time JobClock, so that office workers can all clock in using a single PC in exactly the same way that field workers would clock in, the manufacturer says. The PC can continue to be used for other tasks; ClockPoint Kiosk software runs nearly invisibly in the background, even if the PC’s user is logged off, the company says. Each time an employee clocks in or out, the time punch is immediately transferred to the database via the company’s network (wired or wireless). Managers can see, in real time, who is in the office and for how long, the company says.
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J.F.Oakes offers a new package size for XLure R.T.U. Inspectors. Inspectors are packed 25 pre-baited traps per foil bag, four bags per case; 100 traps total per case. The foil bag protects the multiple pheromones (Plodia/Ephestia/Lasioderma serricorne), keeping unused traps fresh for two years without refrigeration, the company says. The new 25-pack offers an economical purchase size to pest control firms, an easier dispersement of product to field technicians and fewer SKUs for the distributor, the company says. Previous package sizes will be discontinued.

XLure R.T.U. Inspectors are pre-baited with multiple pheromones to capture stored product insects: Indian meal moth; almond, raisin and tobacco moths; Mediterranean flour moths; and cigarette beetles. The advanced technology of applying multiple pheromones in the glue provides cost and labor savings, the company says.
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FMC Professional Solutions
FMC Professional Solutions is launching four new products: three aerosols and an insecticide dust. Cynoff Insecticide is a crack and crevice dust featuring zeta-cypermethrin to control cockroaches, ants and other nesting pests. It is a flushing and residual material for crack and crevices and wall voids. The dust is packaged in a 1-pound, clear squeezable container to be used to apply or load traditional dusters.

Topia Aerosol is a natural, EPA-exempt water-based aerosol. It is ideal for use as a contact killer and flushing agent, according to the company. Topia has a low impact to the environment with performance that looks more like traditional chemistry, FMC reports.

Talstar Xtra Aerosol offers a broad label, long residual and fast knockdown. And FMC CB-40 Aerosol is a new water-based flushing and contact aerosol offering a pyrethrin formula that provides a fast knockdown and is ideal for use in food areas, the company reports. CB-40 is acetone-free, VOC compliant and may be used in restaurants and food-storage areas.
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Coxreels announces the addition of bend restrictors. This hose option is available on low-pressure hose reels with ¼-, 3⁄8- and ½-inch of PVC, rubber and nitrile hose handling 300 PSI of working pressure. They are suggested for hose assemblies that might receive substantial usage and are made of durable and flexible PVC that provide a convenient grip for increased hose control and mobility, according to the manufacturer.
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Botanical rodent repellent Fresh Cab from Earth-Kind is an EPA-registered repellent designed to be an effective alternative to traditional rodent baits and traps, the company says. Invented by Earth-Kind CEO Kari Warberg, a North Dakota mother of two, Fresh Cab was originally designed to be used by farmers in their tractor cabs. Subsequent use and tests from independent labs have proven it is effective in keeping rodents out of other indoor areas as well, the company says. Garages, outbuildings, attics, basements, RVs and hard-to-reach areas like sub-floors and drop ceilings have all been protected from rodent damage with the use of Fresh Cab mouse pouches, according to Earth-Kind.

The company says the Fresh Cab mouse pouch contains an aroma that triggers escape/avoidance behavior in mice. This blend of natural plant fiber and balsam fir oil provides maximum repellency without harm to mice or other animals, according to the company.
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Rockwell Labs Ltd
Rockwell Labs Ltd has received EPA approval for improved labels for InTice Granular Bait and InTice 10 Perimeter Bait. The InTice Granular Bait label no longer requires that applicators wear long-sleeve shirts, long pants and chemical-resistant gloves. Rockwell says the company worked with EPA to get the statement removed, since these PPE requirements aren’t necessary for this type of product.

The InTice 10 Perimeter Bait label has been expanded to include cockroaches, silverfish and millipedes, in addition to the ants, crickets, sowbugs, pillbugs, snails and slugs already on the label. Full indoor uses also have been added to the label, in addition to the outdoor uses previously approved, Rockwell said. InTice 10 is registered across the Southern U.S. and in California and Nevada. Both new labels are available on Rockwell’s Web site.
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Cintas Corporation
Cintas Corporation is offering a new line of rentable uniform pants designed specifically by women, for women. The new Women’s Comfort Pant, which is available nationwide, features two patterns for different female body types. The new designs offer women in the workplace alternatives to wearing a modified men’s uniform pant, the company says.

The Women’s Comfort Pant was designed to offer fit, fabric and function. The pant is available in two fit patterns and three inseam options. The company’s goal was to create a functional pant that all women can look and feel great wearing, Cintas says. Following retail trends, the new pant features a mid-rise waistline, is straight through the leg and has 11 percent mechanical stretch that moves comfortably with the wearer. Cintas’ Women’s Pant sports a flat front with high angle pockets to create a more flattering silhouette.
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University of
Greg Clements of The School of Natural Resources (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) has produced an instructional video on trapping deer. It is designed to educate researchers and pest management professionals on how to cage-trap deer like the experts at UNL. Topics include trap uses, trap design, checking traps and handling deer in the trap. The school notes that with the rise of conflicts between humans and white-tailed deer, pest management professionals should consider learning how to capture deer with traps. Video was taken in HD and runs for 40 minutes.
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The Spectroline BIB-150P ultraviolet lamp is designed to quickly and positively confirm the presence of trace amounts of rodent urine and droppings, oil, grease, dust and other impurities, the company reports.

The BIB-150P ultraviolet lamp makes rodent hair and excrement fluoresce brightly, the company says. Hair glows blue-white and urine glows yellow-white when dry, or bluer when fresh. Other contamination, such as lubrication oils and greases, bleaches and sulfide waste matter fluoresce different colors under the UV lamp, according to Spectroline.

Weighing 3¼ pounds (1.5 kg), the BIB-150P is designed to provide super-high UV intensity at an economical price. Its rugged polymer housing is impact-resistant and dent-proof, the company says. A unique built-in-ballast bulb eliminates the need for a cumbersome, external transformer, Spectroline says. The vinyl-coated, stainless-steel wraparound heat guard also acts as a convenient lamp stand.
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