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April 9, 2009

BASF Pest Control Solutions
The BASF Pest Control Solutions product portfolio now includes new Prescription Treatment brand Alpine ant and termite foam, pressurized insecticide and dust insecticide, and a new dry Prescription Treatment brand Phantom pressurized insecticide.
The new, non-repellent Alpine line of products feature dinotefuran, which has been granted Reduced Risk status for public health use by the Environmental Protection Agency. With this status, the Alpine products provide pest management professionals three new tools to serve customers looking for lower-impact treatment options.
Alpine ant and termite foam is a ready-to-use solution for treating ant and termite infestations – and can be used with Termidor termiticide/insecticide for on-the-spot remediation. Alpine dust insecticide provides long-lasting indoor and outdoor control of ants, bed bugs and stinging insects, the company reported. Alpine pressurized insecticide controls a broad spectrum of pests, including ants, roaches and bed bugs
For commercial locations – including food handling – BASF Pest Control Solutions now offers Phantom pressurized insecticide, which sprays dry and clear, making it convenient and flexible for controlling pests like ants, bed bugs and cockroaches, according to BASF Pest Control Solutions.
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Combo Bait Mini Blocks were recently developed by Scimetrics to control Norway rats, roof rats, house mice, voles and reduce fleas hosted by these rodents. This new product is a paraffin-based, extruded block, each weighing slightly less than 1 ounce in size. According to the manufacturer, positive feedback from PCOs has shown the blocks are effective at controlling rodents and their fleas. Combo Bait Mini Blocks is the third in a series of Combo Baits. The U.S. EPA recently approved Kaput Rodent Flea Control Bait, which is labeled for the control of fleas on ground squirrels, but does not harm the mammal, according to the manufacturer.
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Rockwell Labs
New InVict Gold Cockroach Gel is designed to be palatable and rapidly lethal to cockroaches that feed on it. According to the manufacturer, new studies demonstrate 100 percent mortality of roaches exposed to InVict Gold. Furthermore, as part of the studies, the company said, new roaches that were not exposed directly to the bait were exposed to dead roaches that had been killed by InVict Gold. After five days, 95 percent mortality was achieved in these roaches that had no direct bait exposure, the company said. InVict Gold Cockroach Gel contains 2.15 percent imidacloprid and 11 food attractants. It may be used indoors, outdoors and in food areas and is packaged in boxes containing five 35-gram syringes. The product is available through all major pest control distributors.
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B&G Equipment Co.
B&G Equipment Co. is offering a new series of interactive videos designed to bring new product information and demonstrations directly to the pest management professional from the company’s Web site. With the series, pest management professionals will be able to see the company’s new products in a fast-moving video format, via the Web, the company said. Narrated by B&G Technical Director William H. Robinson, each segment delivers an overview of the featured product along with live action video filmed at a local restaurant. Pest management professionals may view these videos online at A B&G New Product Showcase DVD will also be available from the company.
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NyGuard IGR Concentrate from MGK now can be used in more situations to control more pests. The new formulation label bears the “Caution” signal word (from “Warning”), it increases the number of pests controlled and it expands the instructions for more mixing options as well as outdoor and fogging uses. According to MGK, NyGuard IGR Concentrate — whether used alone or applied in combination with a non-IGR adulticide — offers effective and broad spectrum control of indoor (food and non-food areas) and outdoor pests. NyGuard’s high level of activity keeps working for up to seven months to break the reproductive cycle of the toughest insect pests such as ants, cockroaches, crickets, fleas, flies, mosquitoes, litter beetles, stored product pests and many more, the company reports.
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Bell Laboratories
Bell Laboratories this month introduced its new Protecta Load-N-Lock anchoring system that secures Protecta LP and Protecta Sidekick Bait Stations. The Load-N-Lock anchoring system eliminates the added expense, mess and time associated with traditional anchoring methods, according to manufacturer Bell Laboratories. Gluing bait stations to patio blocks or staking them was messy, time consuming and not the ideal situation, Bell Laboratories reports.
Made of heavy-duty, injection-molded plastic, the Protecta Load-N-Lock holds two standard concrete bricks available at most landscape and home improvement stores. Technicians place the bricks into the Load-N-Lock base, and then snap the bait station into place. Once the bait station is closed, the base and bait station cannot be separated. The ramped design of the base allows easy entry for rats or mice into the bait station and portrays a professional image.
When servicing the bait station, the technician opens the station with Bell’s two-prong key and unsnaps the base’s locking mechanism, which can only be accessed from inside the bait station. The station quickly detaches from the base for easy cleaning and servicing.
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Product Promotions

J.F.Oakes’ Mighty Minigard March Madness promotion lasts through April 27. When a pest management professional purchases a box of Minigards from their local pest control distributor, he or she qualifies for a free box (of equal quantity) from J.F. Oakes (PCOs only pay shipping.)  Minigard Bait Stations must be purchased in full box quantities to qualify: 50, 100 or 200 count. There is no limit on how many free boxes a pest control company can receive.  A completed coupon form, proof of purchase and check to cover shipping must be turned in no later than June 12.

Bayer Environmental Science
Bayer Environmental Science announced its 2009 Premise 75 WP “buy two get one free” promotion. The promotion, part of the company’s “Backed By Bayer” promise, runs through April 30.
For a limited time, pest management professionals who purchase two Premise 75 WP cases will receive one Premise 75 WP case free of charge. All Premise formulations can be purchased at your local distributor.
For more information on the Premise 75 WP buy two get one free promotion, visit your local Bayer authorized distributor, visit, or call Bayer customer service at 800/331-2867.