PCO Robinson Returns Lost Money Pouch

PCO Robinson Returns Lost Money Pouch

Robby Robinson, president of Robinson Home & Outdoor, Titusville, Fla., did the right thing and returned a money bag he found to its rightful owner.

April 10, 2018
Brad Harbison
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TITUSVILLE, Fla. — A routine February service visit to a Titusville, Fla., apartment complex for PCO Robby Robinson turned out to be anything but routine when he spotted a green money pouch in the middle of busy Hopkins Ave.

“My first thought was ‘Wow, there is a lot of cash in there,’ and my second thought was that I needed to get it to the rightful owner,” Robinson, president of Robinson Home & Outdoor, Titusville, Fla., told PCT.  

That’s just what Robinson did. Without even taking time to count the cash, Robinson quickly scanned the receipt in the pouch, realized it was from a nearby TB Bank and drove straight there.

What was the bank teller’s response when he dropped off the bag? “She looked at me as if I had four eyes,” Robinson recalled. “I gave her my business card and she said she would get in touch with who it may have belonged to. She was elated.”

Robinson said the money belonged to a gentleman who placed the bank pouch in the bed of his truck, then got distracted and drove off, not realizing what was left behind. Robinson also posted a photo of the bank pouch and recounted his story on a Titusville Facebook group in hopes of locating the gentleman. Since the pouch included the gentleman’s receipt the bank was able to track down its rightful owner.

The event happened on Feb. 14, which was both Valentine’s Day and the date of the tragic Parkland, Florida school shooting. His good deed was a welcome reprieve for a state in mourning and his story spread throughout social media; it was picked up by USA Today, and Robinson was interviewed by a local TV station.

“I’ve received a lot of kind words and a few calls for service, but as I have said, ‘I believe God used me that day to help the person who lost the money,’” he said.

Robinson has more than 20 years of pest control experience, first learning of the industry from the father of a friend who owns a pest control business in South Florida. Robinson sold his first business, Robinson Pest Management, in 2007, and relocated to Huntsville, Ala., to work for Ecolab. He returned to Florida and launched Robinson Home & Outdoor in September 2016. The one-man operation covers Brevard County and East Orange County. “Customers like the fact that they can get service by the owner and in return I get referred all the time,” he said. “The opportunities here in Florida are really endless.”

Robinson and wife Christie have been married for 16 years and are parents to Grant (12) and Keri (10).