Scherzinger Rescues Colonial Era Cabin From Termites with the Sentricon System

Scherzinger Rescues Colonial Era Cabin From Termites with the Sentricon System

The company used the Sentricon System to help preserve one of Ohio's oldest surviving log cabins.

May 18, 2017

INDIANAPOLIS — When termites were discovered in one of Ohio’s oldest surviving log cabins, Scherzinger Pest Control in Cincinnati, Ohio, stepped in to give the local Anderson Township Historical Society a professional helping hand. On April 11, Scherzinger installed 38 Sentricon System stations around the Miller-Leuser Log House and two barns on the property. The company also installed three Recruit AG FlexPack stations inside the cabin where termites were actively feeding.

“The cabin and property had a high level of termite activity. In fact, local media invited to the installation were able to see live termites along with mud tubes and damaged wood,” says Eric Scherzinger, company vice president. “We need to eliminate the termites but do so without materially affecting these historic structures. Using Recruit AG FlexPack helps initiate immediate bait feeding in the locations were termites were visibly active above ground.”

The Miller-Leuser Log House dates back to 1796 when Revolutionary War veterans were granted land in what is now the state of Ohio for their service in the war. In 1974, the log cabin was entered on the National Register of Historic Places. Today, it is managed by the local nonprofit historical society and maintained by volunteers. Scherzinger donated its time for the treatment and Dow AgroSciences donated the Sentricon System.