STUCK Brands Offers Non-Toxic Mosquito Trap

STUCK Brands Offers Non-Toxic Mosquito Trap

The trap is designed to be attractive to container mosquitoes through the use of water.

July 4, 2017
LANCASTER, P.a. - STUCK Brands launched non-toxic indoor and outdoor mosquito traps at the National Hardware Show in May 2017.

“Our patented sticky screen technology is what captures and kills the gravid mosquito and any deposited eggs,” says owner and president, Joseph DiMeo. Female mosquitoes, searching for a water source to drop their eggs in or near, land on the sticky screen, rendering them immobile. Male and non-gravid females find the trap shape and moisture content attractive as well, but end in the same fate.

STUCK researchers began their design process over three years ago to attract Aedes aegypti (container) mosquitoes that carry diseases such as Zika, dengue, chikungunya and yellow fever. “A major goal was to design an affordable, easy-to-use and effective trap for common home dwellers to protect the health of their families. With millions of people affected yearly by mosquito-borne diseases and billions at risk of infection, STUCK Brand products are combat tools for retailers, national and international Mosquito Control Associations and global relief organizations,” says DiMeo.

A patented double and staggered screen allows free flow of water molecules from the trap opening, the company says. Once trapped, the screen provides blocking to prevent insect vectors’ eggs from dropping into the water of the vessel reservoir below. The application of glue on both sides of the screen prevents mosquitoes and their eggs from getting beyond the surface screen.

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