Univar Relaunches PestWeb with New Features and Design

Univar Relaunches PestWeb with New Features and Design

Enhancements include improved navigation, product information and more.

July 26, 2017

AUSTIN, Texas — After nearly one year of research and development, Univar Environmental Sciences (Univar ES) has launched an updated version of PestWeb.

Completely redesigned and reworked from the ground up, the new PestWeb site offers improved access to products, information, tools, and resources for professionals in the pest management, wildlife management, public health, and other related sectors. Several dozen changes have been made to support these professionals’ businesses at both the strategic and day-to-day levels.

Key PestWeb updates include:
• Completely reorganized site layout optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile use
• The reintroduction and modernization of the popular product document center for viewing and downloading product label & SDS information
• Improved integration between the primary PestWeb site and the online version of ProTraining, including a publicly navigable technical course catalog
• An updated user account area, including both a universal slider panel for site-wide access and a redesigned manager dashboard
• Streamlined navigation and sitewide discoverability of featured products, courses, and promotions
• Expanded top-level content and features introducing new users to PestWeb and Univar

“This is a completely new experience, built on months of research into how current users utilize the site, and what new users need to dive in and get to know PestWeb,” said Karl J. Kisner, vice president of marketing at Univar ES. “We’ve taken a website that has been indispensable to the industry for over 20 years, and pushed it even farther. Univar’s commitment to raising industry standards is what made PestWeb so popular in the first place, and it’s that same force that’s driving the site’s largest improvement yet.”

Kisner added that this 2017 PestWeb redesign is only the first phase of a multi-stage update to the website.

“What we’re putting out there for our users today is a huge achievement, but it’s only a part of what we have planned for PestWeb,” he said. “We are already working on the next set of updates to improve the way users find products, navigate the site, and keep an eye on their business. We have a lot of exciting changes coming over the course of 2017 and 2018.”

The new website is currently live at www.PestWeb.com and is accessible both for public users and existing PestWeb members. For additional information, visitors can refer to the PestWeb launch guide, which details some of the largest new and updated features.