New Versions of WDI FX and SmartPest Software Announced

Upgrades include the addition of the OpenEdge credit card processing feature.

May 12, 2015

New Image Software announces upgrades to both its WDI FX and SmartPest programs.

In January, the company added the OpenEdge credit card processing feature, which allows office personnel to send Invoices via email that includes a link to pay each invoice online. This function allows users improve cash flow and save valuable time from billing and chasing past-due accounts. Service technicians can now use a free bluetooth reader to process cards at their point of service. 

New Image Software also has released version 12.00.8 of both programs which contain new features:
 ? Updated email addressing functionality.
? Flexible commission tracking
? New "MultiUnit Apartment" input form
? Expanded CRM features 
? Sales Opportunity Reports
? Expanded email document reports
? Integrated Email Appointment Confirmations
? Integrated Outbound email 
? Master Invoicing 
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