Donna DeFranco

The author is a frequent editorial contributor to PCT magazine.

Adopting a ‘Click to Buy’ Strategy

May 24, 2017

Austin, Texas-based ABC Home & Commercial Services successfully differentiated itself from others in the market by showing customers how easy it is to do business with the firm. Read More

Revenue Is One Thing... Profit Is Another

December 13, 2016

Growing your business requires investments in people, equipment and technology — but that cuts into your profit. As such, it’s a balancing act for PMPs to get their revenue and profit numbers where they need them. Read More

The Horrors of Hoarding

September 21, 2016

Hoarders’ habits aren’t just disturbing; they can be outright dangerous for the courageous PMPs who try to help. Read More

IR Technology: Can You See Me Now?

May 19, 2016

Few companies were willing to invest the tens of thousands of dollars it once took to get a reliable thermal imaging camera, but now that you can tuck one into your pocket for about $250, PMPs across the country are giving it a try. Read More