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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

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Bird-X, Inc.

300 North Elizabeth Street Chicago IL 60607

ph: (800) 662-5021 fax: (312) 226-2480

Bird Control "X-Perts" since 1964.

Keep birds away with effective, low cost products from Bird-X...the world's leading bird control specialists in ultrasonics, distress cries, needle strips, taste aversions, netting and visual devices.

Any bird, any location. Bird-X offers a complete assortment of bird control products that can solve any type of bird problems: pigeons, geese, gulls, sparrows, starlings, woodpeckers and more! All products are environmentally safe and harmless to birds.

Success stories your clients relate to. Our Web site is functional and helpful, and features success stories of our bird control products in dozens of client situations.

Profit opportunities. Our experts will help you add bird control to your line and sell at no risk to you.  We provide free advice, literature with room for your contact information, samples...we'll even drop ship for no extra charge. We'll even  put up a bird control Web site for you, or we'll put a module on your current site - all free.

PCO's - Profitable opportunities available. Get into bird control today. 

Call our Toll-Free Number 800-662-5021 or visit our Web site for more information at